Terraria: How to Get Tissue Sample (Easy) | Full Guide 2023


Do you need help obtaining a Tissue Sample in Terraria? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place! In this guide, we’ll help you get the crafting material and give tips on how to use it.

Tissue Sample in Terraria

Evil biomes in Terraria have their fair share of resources you must use to progress through Hardmode. Although uncontrollable and hard to traverse, the reward is worth the risk you’re going through, especially in Crimson.

Prepare your weapons (or if you don’t have any, do more traveling) and arena as we guide you on how to get Tissue Samples. We’ll also give extra strategies and tips to maximize the item once it’s in your Inventory.

What is a Tissue Sample?

A Tissue Sample is a Crimson-exclusive crafting material in Terraria. You can make 12 uniquely themed items, alongside Crimtane Bars, that are usually upgrades to basic tools in Pre-Hardmode.

How to Get Tissue Sample

Almost every monster in the Crimson biome drops Vertebra – another important component for making several boss-summoning materials. However, only the Brain of Cthulhu and its Creepers drop Tissue Samples.

The table below shows all entities dropping the item in all modes, with their corresponding quantities and chances:

 Entity/EntitiesDrop ChanceQuantity
Classic• Creeper• 66.67%• 2 – 5
Expert• Creeper
• Brain of Cthulhu Treasure Bag
• 66.67%
• 100%
• 1 – 3
• 20 – 40
Master• Creeper
• Brain of Cthulhu Treasure Bag
• 50%
• 100%
• 1 – 2
• 30 – 50

Note that Creepers dropping the item decrease in chance the harder mode in Terraria the player’s in. We recommend preparing an arena by placing cheap Platforms inside the Underground Crimson. Consider the following items as well:

  • Campfires
  • Banners from biome entities
  • Torches
  • Ropes

It’s unnecessary to defeat the Brain of Cthulhu during combat, as its minions always drop Tissue Samples. However, you can expect more rewards for defeating the boss.

Alternatively, you can insert a Shadow Scale to get a Tissue Sample from the Chlorophyte Extractinator.


Here are all items you can make with the Tissue Sample:

ResultMaterialsCrafting Station
Shadow Scale• Tissue Sample (1)Chlorophyte Extractinator (converted)
Void Bag• Bone (30)
• Jungle Spores (15)
• Tissue Sample (30)
Demon Altar / Crimson Altar
Void Vault• Bone (15)
• Jungle Spores (8)
• Tissue Sample (15)
Obsidian Longcoat• Obsidian (20)
• Silk (10)
• Tissue Sample (10)
Obsidian Outlaw Hat• Obsidian (20)
• Silk (10)
• Tissue Sample (5)
Obsidian Pants• Obsidian (20)
• Silk (10)
• Tissue Sample (5)
Crimson Greaves• Crimtane Bar (20)
• Tissue Sample (15)
Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil
Crimson Helmet• Crimtane Bar (15)
• Tissue Sample (10)
Crimson Scalemail• Crimtane Bar (25)
• Tissue Sample (20)
Deathbringer Pickaxe• Crimtane Bar (12)
• Tissue Sample (6)
Flesh Grinder• Crimtane Bar (10)
• Tissue Sample (5)
The Meatball• Crimtane Bar (10)
• Tissue Sample (5)

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