Terraria Rope: Everything You Should Know


Do you want to travel safely in Terraria without worrying about fall damage? Whether you’re going to Hell (literally) or Sky, you’ll need a handy Rope (or even Coils). Read this guide to learn everything about the item!

Most beginners struggle with Terraria’s movement mechanics, particularly the ability to move freely, not worrying about fall damage. Whether unintentional or not, falling from a great height could mean death. If possible, you would want to avoid dying as you can’t afford to lose items or Coins.

Thankfully, different objects that assist your movement in-game exist. One of them is the Rope. This guide will discuss everything about them, the types, how to get them, and tips!

Rope – Overview

A Rope is a placeable item in Terraria that plays a significant role in quick vertical mobility. Since they’re abundant in the Overworld, finding them for many purposes (including in Hellevators) is easy. Notably, the movement speed while using Ropes is equal to free fall. However, you won’t take any fall damage.

If any blocks are nearby or background walls, you can cover adjacent angles with Ropes (also works while mid-air). Interacting with any Rope parts is possible to extend the Rope without going down to the edge. However, if the target is far from reach, you can place up to three tiles away.

To ascend or descend using a Rope, press the left or down arrow keys. The ascending speed locks at 41 MPH while the descending speed is 51 MPH. Traveling to another set of Ropes is locked at 5 MPH only.


  • The flight’s velocity is maintained upon flying and then moving on the Rope.
  • Chains and Streamers function like a Rope but crafting them into Coils is impossible.
  • Actuators can’t turn off any Rope type.
  • Silk and Web Ropes are immune to falling lava. However, crafting the former is much more resource-efficient as Silk is naturally abundant.

How to Get a Rope?

Exploring the Overworld is the most beginner-friendly way of getting the item. However, here are every way of getting Ropes:

  • Opening Chests
  • Breaking Pots
  • Killing Slimes
  • Purchasing from the Skeleton Merchant for Copper Coins (10) each.
  • Crafting

Since there are different Rope types, the same goes for materials required (aside from standard and Vine types).

To make a Web Rope (3), have a Cobweb (1) using your Hand. Meanwhile, creating a Silk Rope (30) requires a Silk (1) at the Loom. Vine Ropes are easily obtainable by destroying Vines while the Plant Fiber Cordage is equipped.

Item Upgrade

Every Rope variant can be converted into its Coil counterparts for saving space or convenience. The following are every type with their corresponding material:

NameMaterials NeededCrafting Station
Rope CoilRope (10)By Hand
Silk Rope CoilSilk Rope (10)By Hand
Vine Rope CoilVine Rope (10)By Hand
Web Rope CoilWeb Rope (10)By Hand

Note that you can always revert a Coil to its original materials.

When placing a Rope Coil, it’s essential to consider the arc created upon throwing it to your intended spot. Ten pieces of the Rope are laid out until worn out or upon hitting a Block. To pick them up, use a Pickaxe or Drill.

Assuming the Coil didn’t hit the ground, you can extend it by dropping another one. If there’s a surplus, the type of Rope used falls. Meanwhile, attempting to lay out a Coil to another will use the item but is eventually dropped again.

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