How to Defeat Brain of Cthulhu: Terraria Boss Guide (2022)


One of the essential bosses in Terraria is the Brain of Cthulhu, an enemy of the Crimson terrain. This foe is one to defeat for progression! Crimtane items are the way to go when you want to proceed to Hardmode, and this boss can help you with that.

The Brain of Cthulhu is a Pre-Hardmode boss next to the Eye of Cthulhu in progression. A formidable opponent for new players and a crucial one for veterans. This boss is a vital enemy as it’ll provide equipment for defeating later bosses. Preparation for this enemy is necessary as it’ll be a brutal fight.

Ready to take on the Crimson terror? Will you stand a chance in defeating it? This guide will help you with that!

As a disclaimer, this isn’t the definitive strategy to defeat this boss. You may do it however you wish, but this guide will show you one of the effective ways to defeat this creature.

Brain of Cthulhu – Overview

The Brain of Cthulhu is a large, flying brain of the Crimson. This beast is an essential boss as it’s necessary to defeat to summon later bosses in Terraria. It’d be best to beat the Eye of Cthulhu as it’ll drop equipment to help fight the Brain.

The following are its stats:

 Classic Expert Master 
Max Health 1000 (3000 with Creepers) 1700(5100 with Creepers) 2167(6487 with Creepers) 
Damage 30 54 81 
Defense 14 14 14 
Knockback Resistance 50% 55% 60% 
Immunity Confused Confused Confused 

The Brain has two phases to expect—a first phase, where it’s invulnerable and spawns Creeper minions. And a second phase where it’ll be vulnerable to damage and knockback. 

How to Summon

crimson heart
Crimson Hearts

You must find three Crimson Hearts in the Crimson biome to summon it. It’s recommended that you bring explosives to clear out Crimson blocks. You can destroy the heart with any hammer, so don’t forget to bring one. Once destroyed, it will send different messages depending on how many you’ve destroyed. However, you’ll summon the Brain if the third heart is destroyed.

After you’ve defeated the boss, you can summon it with a Bloody Spine. This item can be crafted with Vertebrae and Vicious Powder with a Demon or Crimson Altar. To summon it, you’ll need to stand in a Crimson biome, or it won’t spawn.

How to Defeat

player fighting brain of cthulhu
Brain of Cthulhu Fight

The boss has two phases to fight through. In the first phase, the enemy is invulnerable to damage and will teleport around the area. It’ll spawn Creeper minions that’ll float around the middle of the player and the Brain. These minions will not teleport like the boss, but they’ll form in groups making it easier to damage them.

After defeating the minions, the Brain will initiate its second phase. In this phase, the enemy will be vulnerable to damage and knockback. It’ll ram at the player aggressively and will teleport around the area.

For preparation, it’s best to stock up on grenades for the first phase of the fight. The Creeper’s tendency to group up is key to defeating them. Do be careful, as it’ll deal splash damage to the player if detonated close enough.

As for the second stage of the fight, it’s recommended to use ranged weapons with Silver or Tungsten bullets. The Boomstick and The Undertaker are viable picks as they’re relatively easy to acquire in the early game.

In the first phase of the fight, grenades are a vital tool for damage. Wait for the minions to group up and throw your grenade at them to maximize the splash damage. Once all minions are dead, the second phase will commence.

In the second phase, it’s time to use your ranged weapons to damage the enemy at a distance. Be sure to dodge its attacks, as it’ll randomly teleport while it tries to ram you. The optimal way to attack this foe is to wait for it to ram you. As it rams you, this is the time to strike, as the movement of this boss is predictable. If you follow these steps correctly, you can damage and defeat the boss in no time.

Other Preparations

player in arena
Arena for Brain of Chtulhu

For Armor, it’s recommended that you opt for defense. As the Brain and the minions are relatively quick, Armor that can tank damage is a must-have. It’s best you craft Gold or Platinum armor as its stats will make the fight easier. If you don’t have access to these pieces of equipment by the time you decide to fight, Silver or Tungsten armor will suffice.

For accessories, any item that can increase movement is excellent to include. The Tsunami in a Bottle is a great example as it’ll allow you to double jump. Alternatively, you can use Sandstorm in a Bottle with the same effect (with minor differences).

Once you’re set with your equipment, time to prep your arena. It’s recommended that you set up an arena inside a cave in the Crimson biome near the last heart. The arena must be pretty significant to move around. If the heart is nowhere near an open space, you should clear out the area and make an arena near it.

A few notes to take on building your arena are that you must place platforms that are jumping distance from each other. It’s also required to close off entry points to avoid mobs entering while engaged in a fight. It’d be best also to place Campfires to increase your HP regeneration.


You have done it! You have defeated the Brain of Cthulhu! So what’s next? Defeating the boss will grant you a treasure bag filled with essential items to help you in your journey.

The following items are:

ItemDrop Rate
Lesser Healing Potion (5 – 15)100%
Brain of Cthulhu Trophy10%
Dread Fang100%
Treasure Bag (Expert and Master Mode)100%
Brain of Confusion100%
Brain of Cthulhu Mask14.29%
Crimtane Ore (40 – 90)100%
Tissue Sample (10 – 19)100%
Bone Rattle5%
Gold Coin (1)100%
Brain in a Jar (Master Mode)25%
Brain of Cthulhu Relic (Master Mode)100%
Brain of Cthulhu Drops

Defeating the Brain will unlock the Meteorite event, a crucial part of Terraria for defeating the next boss. Meteorite is an essential ore that can craft bars to create equipment that can compete with later bosses. So keep this in mind once you have defeated this boss.


This Pre-Hardmode boss is a crucial enemy as it’ll unlock equipment to defeat the Wall of Flesh. Preparation is the key to successfully defeating this foe. If you follow this guide’s strategy, it’s a guarantee that you can conquer it solo in a few minutes.

Now that you have a game plan for the Brain, time to prepare and work towards this goal! Gear up and face this boss with courage and bravery!

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