Terraria: 5 Ways to Get Wings Easily (Full Guide 2023)


Do you need help on how to get Wings in Terraria? Sure, they’re helpful and offer more game-changing features than expected! If that sounds promising, read this complete guide!

The player looting a Skyware Chest, interacting with the Angler, and defeating Betsy to get Wings in Terraria.
Different ways to get Wings.

Because of Terraria’s vast world, exploration is a must to progress. From the Forest you spawn into to Underground biomes, every location is crucial for completing the game. Hence, walking with a maximum of 15 mph won’t budge, let alone escape from some enemies trying to “erase” your existence.

Aside from Boots and Balloons are Wings that greatly help in your mobility. A pair lets you cover a lot more distance faster while completely removing the fall damage you get. Because of their functionality, most players use a couple to defeat Bosses quickly.

In this guide, we’ll help you how to get Wings in Terraria. We include comparison stats so you can choose wisely from our five methods.

1. Crates and Chests

Before using this method, note that you can get Fledgling Wings upon creating a Journey Mode character. If you’re a non-Journey player, you can still get the same equipment through Gravitation Potions and Floating Islands.

Crafting the Gravitation Potion takes time, so we recommend finding Chests in Living Trees and Underground. There’s a 66.67% chance of getting the Gravitation Potion, which is a reasonable risk.

Go back to the Surface and consume the Potion. Afterward, keep moving and toggling the “up” button until you find a Floating Island. If you’re lucky, you might get the Fledgling Wings.

Terraria Fledgling Wings 1

Note: If you have land or air movement-enhancing accessories, you may skip this process. After all, you can properly get Wings in Terraria upon reaching Hardmode.

2. Complete Angler’s Quests

The Angler in Terraria is one of many available NPCs you’ll encounter on the Beach. Interacting with him will open a conversation tab, counting as a Town tenant once you have an available house. Clicking the “Quest” button will show what fish you must catch and its location.

Every successful quest grants several items, from the Fishing set to trophies. However, you may also get the Fin Wings as a reward. Upon reaching Hardmode and the 10-quest-milestone, there’s a one in 70 chance to get the item.

So is it worth the grind? If you’re only opening Terraria to catch fish, yes.

Terraria Fin Wings

3. Crafting

All Crafted Wings in Terraria
Crafting Wings are mostly done with Souls of Flight acquirable in Hardmode.

In Hardmode, new enemies will spawn and bring more crafting materials. One of them is the Wyvern – a dragon-like creature present in the Sky and Space layer. Defeating them always drops five to ten Souls of Flight for crafting certain pairs.

The following table shows all Wings in Terraria you can craft with Souls of Flight. We’ve also included all basic stats and crafting materialsNote: The appropriate crafting station is either a Mythril Anvil or an Orichalcum Anvil.

Terraria Crafted Wings

The next table shows all four endgame pairs you can craft at the Ancient Manipulator:

All Crafted endgame Wings in Terraria
Some Wings need unique materials to craft.
Terraria Endgame Wings

4. Purchasing from NPCs

All bought Wings in Terraria
There are three Wings you can buy from certain NPCs.

After progressing in Hardmode and defeating some Bosses, some NPC will sell Wings in Terraria. A sold pair doesn’t mean it’s worse, but it’ll consistently be outperformed by late-game ones, whether through crafting or looting.

Terraria Sold Wings

5. Defeat Enemies

All Wings you can get from defeating Bosses and Mini-Bosses in Terraria
Of course, you’re rewarded for defeating Bosses.

With tons of monsters in Terraria, you can expect good rewards for your effort in eradicating them. But this method is primarily effective in Hardmode, as no early-game enemy will drop Wings. Consider the following pairs upgrade to your existing ones:

Terraria Boss Wings 1

The following table comprises developer items obtainable through Expert and Master modes only. They come in Treasure Bags from defeating any Hardmode Bosses except the Queen Slime.

All Wings in Terraria you can get from Treasure Bags.
Treasure Bags are exclusive to Expert and Master modes.
Terraria Dev Wings

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