Crimtane Bars: Terraria Item Guide (2022)


The Crimson biome is home to your first challenging area of Pre-Hardmode. Traversing this land is difficult for a low-level character preparing to fight its next boss. But there’s a way to combat this dilemma by utilizing the Crimtane Bar!

Terraria’s Pre-Hardmode is a time to prepare for more challenging bosses. However, the Crimson counterpart to the Corruption’s Demonite Bar will do the job. With a wide variety of equipment, you can craft this resource to help your cause!

Ready to take on challenging foes? This guide will help you prepare!

Crimtane Bar – Overview

This resource comes from Crimtane Ores, the Corruption’s Demonite ore equivalent of the Crimson biome. Therefore, you can use this item in crafting Crimson tier items and a complete set of Crimson Armor, which are on par with the Shadow Armor set. It’s a pre-Hardmode material from treasure bags after defeating the Eye of Cthulhu and the Brain of Cthulhu. 

Selling the item rather than the ores produces 13 silver coins per bar. However, the 3DS version sells the item for more than anything that this item can craft. 

However, once you craft the Crimson Armor set, selling the material with your tissue samples is more profitable.

On the Desktop, Console, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch versions, this item’s price was decreased, and the ore’s value was increased. Selling three ores is equivalent to the item’s price. Therefore, it’s viable to sell extra ores. 

Here are the ingredients for the resource:

Crimtane Bar Crimtane Ore (3) 
Crimtane Bar Recipe

How to Get Crimtane Bar?

You can craft Crimtane Bars using ores mined with Gold Pickaxe or Platinum Pickaxe. Moreover, the item is found in trace amounts in the Underground Crimson biome through small veins or in plenty amounts from the bosses mentioned earlier.


Crimtane Bars can craft multiple types of equipment like Crimtane weapons, armor, and accessories. The Crimson Armor is an excellent addition to your arsenal. Moreover, it’s a viable armor set for future bosses. Therefore, weapons made with this resource are great picks as it does deal decent damage for their power level.

You can craft Crimtane weaponry with a Lead Anvil or Iron Anvil. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare these workstations before you decide to farm this item.

These are the following recipes: 

ItemCrimtane Bar QuantityOther Ingredients
Artery 12 
Blood Butcherer 10 
Blood Lust Cluster 10 
Crimson Greaves 20 Tissue Sample (15)  
Crimson Helmet 15Tissue Sample (10) 
Crimson Scalemail 25Tissue Sample (20) 
Deathbringer Pickaxe 12Tissue Sample (6
Flesh Grinder 10Tissue Sample (5) 
Fleshcatcher 10 
Magiluminescence 12Topaz (5) 
Tendon Bow 8 
The Meatball 10Tissue Sample (5)
Crimtane Crafting Recipes

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