Terraria Martian Madness Event: How to Spawn (Full Guide 2023)


Do you want to know how to spawn the Martian Madness event in Terraria? Since there are unique and helpful drops you can get, we recommend going for it. This simple guide will help you trigger the invasion.

The player encountering a Martian Probe in Terraria (that summons the Martian Madness Event.
A Martian onslaught is about to happen!

Martian Madness is one of many exciting events you can trigger in Terraria after meeting some requirements. It’s critical to face waves in this invasion as you’ll get useful items such as Xenopopper, Charged Blaster Cannon, and Xeno Staff. After all, facing four Celestial Pillars can become a nuisance with outdated gear.

In this short guide, we’ve shown how to trigger the mentioned event. We’re also including notable loots.

Martian Madness in a Nutshell

This event consists of Martian Saucers and Scutlixes, to name a few aliens, invading your world. Like the Goblin and Pirate Invasion, killing enemies will fill up the progress bar until 100%. After that, aliens will stop spawning.

The invasion is one we recommend facing before progressing further in-gameItems you’ll get are great before facing the few final bosses in Terraria, especially if you’re on a harder difficulty.

How to Spawn the Martian Madness

To activate the event, make sure to meet the following requirements:

  • Let the Martian Probe escape after detecting you. The Martian Probe is a jellyfish-like robot, emitting green scanners similar to a Wi-Fi icon. The scanners will turn red if it detects you and then attempts to leave. You can find this entity in the outer two-thirds of the map on the Sky and Space layersWe recommend equipping the Lifeform Analyzer.
  • 200 total HP.
  • Go near any NPC with a valid housing or the spawn point.
  • Golem is defeated.

The Martian Probe is a rare entity. As initiating the event is important, using a Water Candle and Battle Potion will increase the spawn rate. If any other invasions occur, skip the day/night before approaching the entity.

Item Drops

All notable loot you'll get from completing the Martian Madness event in Terraria.
Game-changing loot.
Martian SaucerCosmic Car KeySummons a rideable UFO. While onboard, flying can be done infinitely until liquid contact.
Electrosphere LauncherA type of Rocket Launcher that functions similarly to the Sky Dragon’s Fury. Fired Electrospheres deal great damage against Old One’s Army enemies.
Influx WaverA melee weapon that releases a damaging sword projectile.
Laser MachinegunFires two inaccurate lasers that speed up over time.
XenopopperFires four to five bubbles before turning into bullets. All projectiles follow the cursor’s position.
Xeno StaffSummons a UFO minion to fight for you.
All EnemiesAnti-Gravity HookA unique hook that allows you to have good mid-air mobility.
Charged Blaster CannonA magic weapon that possesses three unique attacks.
Laser DrillA digging tool. Great for containing the Corruption or Crimson fast.
Scutlix GunnerBrain ScramblerSummons a Scutlix mount that shoots enemies with lasers.

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