Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: 20 Best Anime Moments


From Phantom Blood to Stone Ocean, we've compiled the best anime moments in Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure posters for Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, Diamond is Unbreakable, and Stone Ocean.

Aside from the popular Dio Brando meme, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures revolve around the Joestar family line. From the first two seasons of the series, the bloodline uses Hamon energy as a means of offense and defense. Beyond that – until the latest Jojolands – are Stands with unique abilities.

In this list, we’ve compiled all the best moments in the anime. JJBA has five animated series, with three on manga, so we’ll present 20 scenes.

1.Bruford’s Restored Humanity

Bruford stopping his attack to Jonathan Joestar after getting attacked by Hamon.

The author, Hirohiko Araki, used several historical references in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. One of them is Mary Stuart, which rivals Queen Elizabeth. The former had two loyal guards named Bruford and Tarkus (which didn’t exist in real life).

In S1 E6 of Phantom Blood, Jonathan Joestar and Bruford are in a 1v1 duel. Contrary to Dio and Tarkus’ bloodlust, their villain comrade retains a code of honor despite his deep hatred towards humanity.

Jonathan Joestar’s expression changed in the middle of the fight upon Bruford, provoking him to strike as if the pain wouldn’t matter. With the latter charging with his sword, Jonathan “trusted” him that he would stop attacking. Using Hamon, Bruford’s former humanity was restored, albeit the Ripple slowly destroying his zombie body.

The battle ended with a mere wound from Jonathan, and the honorable warrior left an iconic sword named Luck and Pluck.

Besides Jonathan acknowledging Robert E.O. Speedwagon’s family and friends (the reason why the former spared the latter’s life), this best anime moment will make you cry.

2. Jonathan Joestar’s Final Moments

Jonathan Joestar embracing Dio's head on his grave.

This one is both the best and saddest anime moment in Phantom Blood.

After Erina Pendleton and Jonathan Joestar married, they boarded a ship. Unknowingly, a headless Dio and his zombie minions are inside, and they commence the attack. Initially, Erina wanted to perish alongside his husband, but he convinced her to live her life.

Jonathan convinces Erina to seal the deal, but his journey ends there as he is shot by Dio’s Space Ripper Stingy Eyes. Think of the ability as the standard destructive laser that can cut a hard object in half. Despite the attack, Jonathan embraced a Dio persistently taking over his body. Unfortunately, the mighty gentleman passed away from his wounds.

Jonathan Joestar died nobly despite Dio Brando showing him the opposite.

3. Your Next Line Is…!

Joseph Joestar predicting a thug's next line.

This anime moment might sound corny for the new generation of viewers, but as a loyal fan of JJBA, it’s a comedic relief.

After the Phantom Blood events, we see another JoJo going by Joseph Joestar. There are various events in this season where the main character, during his duels, says the popular line. This is one of many unforgettable proofs that Joseph is the funniest Joestar member in Battle Tendency.

4. Joseph Joestar’s Fight Against Wamuu

Joseph Joestar sparing a decapitated Wamuu as an honor.

The humankind’s future is a tug-of-war battle between the three pillar men and humanity. Earth is a goner if the Red Stone of Aja falls into the wrong hands. Joseph Joestar and Lisa Lisa’s proposal to fight Wamuu and Kars one-on-one is accepted, and we get to see JoJo go first.

The battle starts with Joseph and Wamuu riding a horse and picking up a weapon to decimate each other. It’s one of the most breathtaking moments as both are ready to counter-attack.

However, Wamuu is defeated when the Molotov Cocktail’s evaporated oil and Caesar’s bandana enter the pillar man’s body. As a result, his body exploded, severing his head. JoJo then bleed himself to ease his opponent’s pain instead of finishing him off right away. The two had conversations about the warrior code and honor, which they value.

5. Joseph Joestar’s Final Fight Against Kars

Joseph Joestar using the Stone of Aja to guard against Kars' attack.

This best anime scene in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures takes place in episode 26, with an increasingly desperate Joseph. With half of Stroheim’s body missing, Kars is ready to strike Joestar with the final blow. The Red Stone of Aja is then raised by JoJo, causing the volcano to erupt and send the two into the sky.

At this moment, we get to see yet another “your next line is” moment. Jojo’s severed arm chokes Kars with debris from the volcano! While they’re not powerful enough to defeat the remaining pillar man, the force sends him to space.

6. Joseph Appearing at His Own Funeral

Joseph Joestar shocking everyone in his funeral.

Who would’ve thought that Joseph Joestar would haunt his remaining family? After his supposed passing, the JoJo is alive and well!

Of course, it’s one good way for Araki to end Battle Tendency. For that reason, it’s one of the best anime moments in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures that we’ll never forget!

7. Jotaro Fights Dio / Joseph Joestar’s Escape From Death

Dio getting defeated by Jotaro / Joseph Joestar came back from the dead after getting revived by Jotaro.

We head straight to the end despite the unforgettable Kakyoin’s lick meme technically earning a spot in this list. It sure is funny, but let’s be serious around here.

Remember that scene when Dio said, “Instead of running away, you’re approaching me”? It’s this one, in episode 46 of Stardust Crusaders, to be exact. This battle between the final boss and the third Joestar protagonist is breathtaking, Dio’s stand literally stopped time and made us wow. Of course, Jotaro claimed victory and revived Joseph Joestar in the end.

8. Jotaro Outsmarted Telence D’Arby

Telence D'Arby asking Jotaro if he's cheating (one of the best anime moments in Jojo's Bizarre Adventures).

After finding Dio’s mansion in Egypt and defeating Daniel D’Arby, Jotaro and his crew are greeted by Telence. With Kakyoin and Joseph Joestar, the three had to wage their souls yet again before they could find Dio.

Kakyoin’s defeat was easy for Telence, thus taking his soul. When it’s Jotaro’s turn, he pulls a trick alongside Joseph. Telence’s stand, Atum, can read the soul of a human. So, when he asked if Joseph and Jotaro were rigging the system, we got to see the prompt, “No! No! No!” Asking again if it’s rigged, the opposite answer came.

With another pitch, Jotaro struck a home run, which left the younger D’Arby surrendering. It’s not explicitly mentioned, but his soul did. As a result, Kakyoin’s consciousness and own soul are returned.

This one of the best anime moments became a breeding ground for memes, including fan-made videos with Jotaro and Telence playing several games like Minecraft.

9. Okuyasu Saves Joseph Joestar

Okuyasu saving Joseph Joestar from Red Hot Chili Pepper's Stand User attack.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Diamond is Unbreakable is that part where your enemies are like high school bullies. Of course, the exception is Kira Yoshikage, as he can kill you with a touch.

Nijimura Okuyasu possesses the most powerful Stand in Diamond is Unbreakable (and arguably in the whole series). However, Araki nerfed him by giving him low intelligence stats, as shown in his first battle against Josuke. After becoming a JoBro, he once had to decide who to punch.

The ordeal started when Red Hot Chili Pepper – the Stand of Akira Otoishi – assassinated Okuyasu’s older brother. The team proceeds to find the killer and ends up disarming him, but now he’s going straight to a retired Joseph Joestar. Thankfully, Okuyasu is aboard the boat but needs to decide who the impostor is.

In the end, Okuyasu punched the real villain, although he later admitted he intended to punch them both. Needless to say, his action saved Joseph’s life and earned him this best anime moment in JJBA.

10. Hayato Kawajiri Breaks the Time Loop Curse

Hayato Kawajiri trying to defeat Yoshikage Kira without Josuke and Okuyasu.

Kira Yoshikage is on death’s door when he comes across Kosaku Kawajiri. With Aya’s Cinderella Stand, Kira impersonates Kosaku while leaving the room traceless of his crimes. He then returned to the Kawajiri family and began living a new life.

Sometime later, Hayato’s suspicions are correct that Yoshikage Kira is an impostor in the household. This results in the former spying on his “father” – including his new way of living and attitude. Eventually, Hayato learned the truth, prompting Kira to create a time loop in the guise of Bites the Dust.

Bites the Dust acts as a bomb that is targeted towards Josuke’s team attempting to find Killer Queen’s Stand user. However, Hayato fails countless times, having to witness the gruesome deaths of Rohan, Josuke, Jotaro, Koichi, and Okuyasu.

However, Hayato’s resolve is stronger, leading him to break the curse by injuring Kira using Stray Cat. Thankfully, Josuke and Okuyasu were nearby, and they overheard someone saying the perpetrator’s name. With Crazy Diamond attempting to subdue Kira, the latter has to retrieve Bites the Dust and Killer Queen.

11. Jotaro Sends Kira to His Demise and Saved Morioh

Jotaro Kujo defeating Kira Yoshikage.

While Josuke Higashikata’s Crazy Diamond can restore objects or living beings with the Stand user’s touch, it can’t finish the job. Still, with Okayu’s overpowered The Hand, it adds up to buy time for help. This best anime moment in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures takes shortly after Hayato Kawajiri is able to break the time loop.

Jotaro’s Stand – Star Platinum – incapacitates an already-injured Kira Yoshikage with the help of the Time Stop ability. It wasn’t a lethal blow, but the final strike was made by none other than the ambulance. Of course, the credit also goes to Koichi’s Echoes Act Three before the villain could activate Bites the Dust.

As a side character, Jotaro using his Stand with the unforgettable hero music is a refreshing piece of art from JJBA part three. Still, all revelations from his exact defeat until his untimely demise are all revealed by Kira Yoshikage’s first victim, Reimi Sugimoto. It’s a gruesome end, but we don’t think he deserves it.

12. Torture Dance

Torture Dance in Golden Wind.

In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Vento Aureo, we get to see several meme-able anime moments. One of them – and perhaps the very foundation of the season – is the Torture Dance.

After Bruno Bucciarati and his gang manage to survive Mario Zucchero’s Soft Machine, the interrogation begins. With Bruno’s Sticky Fingers Stand, Mario’s head is “detached” from his body, which they then hang on the boat.

Narancia Ghirga, Pannacotta Fugo, and Guido Mista began the questioning but yielded no positive result. As a response, they start performing a choreography accompanied by upbeat music.

The original song is titled Canzoni preferite, made by Yugo Kanno. While the torture dance doesn’t do anything exactly, our interpretation is it’s a sign that the protagonists aren’t afraid of their enemy. Moreover, we also attribute it to making the captured villain piss their pants and reveal the mastermind behind the assault.

13. Bruno and Giorno in Train

Bruno detecting Giorno's "lies" in Vento Aureo.

In the first few episodes of Vento Aureo, Bruno Bucciarati, and Giorno Giovanna aren’t allies yet. Instead, the higher-ups send the former to investigate the man behind Leaky-Eye Luca’s demise, none other than the main protagonist.

The first part of this best anime moment is Giorno entering the subway as Bruno catches his attention. Their conversation started naturally until the latter asked about Leaky-Eye Luca and if Giorno was responsible. After a few exchanges, the Pasione leader left – or so we thought.

Bruno Bucciarati explicitly revealed that he excels at Lie Detection. His method involves tasting a person’s sweat – if the act of sweating isn’t enough evidence. He claims that the sweeter it is, the higher the chance that someone’s lying. Truly Bizarre, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t end there. We get to see them fight one-on-one. Later on, though, it’s revealed that Giorno Giovanna sees the good in Bucciarati and that he’s putting up a facade.

14. Too Much Potassium for Polpo

Polpo killing himself after mistaking a Banana for a revolver.

Giorno Giovanna’s ultimate dream is to become the gang leader throughout Italy. This process requires facing the real boss – Diavolo – but he’s way too far to get there. However, he receives unexpected support from the Pasione leader himself, Bruno, to get there.

The young protagonist is directed to visit Capo Polpo and take on a test: keeping the lighter flame ignited. If he fails, he won’t be able to join the mafia. But Giorno is so determined, although things took a lot of turns when Koichi barged in and an old man extinguished it.

Capo Polpo didn’t acknowledge if reigniting the lighter flame was allowed. Nonetheless, his Stand Black Sabbath appears with the Stand Arrow. In the process, one casualty is recorded after a failed Stand Awakening. Still, Giorno managed to return the lighter to the detained gang leader, with a surprise, of course.

With Gold Experience, Giorno morphed a gun into a piece of Banana. When Polpo is about to eat it, the banana-disguised gun fired bullets, instantly killing the gang leader.

15. Polnareff Encounters Diavolo For The Second Time

Polnareff facing off Diavolo again in Vento Aureo.

After the events of Stardust Crusaders in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures season, Jean Pierre Polnareff goes overseas, leaving Jotaro and Joseph Joestar. In search of more Stand Arrows (as they deduced from Dio Brando’s Stand Awakening), he finds one in Italy. Unfortunately, he had to go toe-to-toe against Diavolo, with an overpowered Stand ability called King Crimson.

The battle almost took his life, resulting in Polnareff hiding in the shadows. For a long time, he searched for someone who could be an ally in destroying Diavolo, and when he did, it was none other than Giorno Giovanna’s crew. It’s sad to see the Frenchman using a wheelchair for mobility. So, what makes it one of the best anime moments? His appearance.

However, it’s also cut short when he encounters Diavolo another time, killing him in the process. With Silver Chariot Requiem, however, he managed to live inside Coco Jumbo – a gift turtle from the mafia boss. As far as the story goes, we’re yet to see him finally leaving the material realm (please don’t).

16. Jail Strip Search

Jolyne's strip search in Stone Ocean.

Starting this list with Jolyne Cujoh is one scene that best introduces the 6th JoJo. She isn’t as pure as Jonathan Joestar or Jotaro Kujo, especially in the first episode of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Stone Ocean.

We believe this one of the best anime moments explains the context more via watching the clip, so we’ll leave it just that.

17. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters (plankton form) transforming into Atroe.

Let’s set aside Jolyne and her JoBro for a moment. Perhaps the funniest character in the sixth installment of JJBA is Foo Fighters. All her moments (excluding the more mature fights) are comedy gold and arguably the best in anime.

For context, Foo Fighters or F.F. is a large bundle of planktons taking the form of Atroe (former prisoner). Devoid of human interaction, suffice to say this humanoid entity is the type to do a lot of crazy stuff. This ranges from acting all childish (in a funny way) to licking dirty water.

18. Jolyne Reunites With Her Dad

Jolyne and Jotaro escaping prison.

Jotaro Kujo is a busy man. Despite defeating Dio Brando long before, he has concluded the possibility of having more loyalists on the run. One of them is Enrico Pucci with a Stand that can steal Jotaro’s. Suffice it to say Star Platinum falling in the hands of the priest will spell doom to the world.

With harm’s way, Jotaro had to distance himself from Jolyne and his wife, deteriorating their family. It’s also the unfortunate cause of Jolyne’s distant attitude from a typical Joestar.

At some point in Stone Ocean, Emporio warned Jolyne not to entertain the visitor as it would result in negative consequences. However, curiosity took over her, hence meeting Jotaro. While their reuniting had some cute father-daughter moments, it’s cut short when enemy Stand users almost get them.

In the end, Jotaro’s Star Platinum is stolen by Pucci. Jolyne, on the chase, will try to retrieve his father’s disc before it’s too late.

19. Wes Bluemarin’s Powers

Pucci defeating Weather Report.

Weather Report is one of Jolyne’s core allies from team Emporio. He’s described as reserved and stoic, only speaking when absolutely necessary. As all of them are after Pucci (except Anasui until later on), Weather Report comes to aid Jolyne.

It’s later revealed that Weather Report – who goes by the name of Wes Bluemarin – is father Pucci’s younger twin. Their backstory is a little bit “Alabama-like”. Still, his Stand rivaling C-Moon in the ending of Stone Ocean creates one of the best anime moments there is.

20. Emporio Defeating the Final Boss

Emporio defeating Pucci.

Stone Ocean wraps up in an alternate universe where Jolyne and the crew survive. However, it’s safe to say they’re not them anymore. While this may look like a decent ending, Emporio may have some problems with it.

In a universe with no Pucci, Emporio sure did take a lot of effort to do that. Thanks to Weather Report’s Stand, he’s able to defeat the villain with no problem.

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