Best Bullets in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Do you want to use the best bullets in Terraria for your pre-Hardmode and Hardmode adventures? Stop using Musket Balls and switch to 11 powerful types in this guide!

Like every class, for ranged players in Terraria, equipping a weapon to fend off monsters is a life-or-death situation. With guns, you can shoot from a safe distance. But having the best bullets in the game is the sweetest way to become almost invincible.

Out of different bullets, we compiled the best ones and ranked them, so you don’t have to. We’ll also include helpful tips for each ammunition in Terraria for your advantage. If you have at least a Minishark, here are 11 of them you should consider using!

What is a Bullet?

Guns don’t function without ammo in the game. There are 16 total bullets in Terraria; five are available in pre-Hardmode, while the rest are exclusive to Hardmode. More challenging difficulties compensate with better gear for survival, so expect this guide to cling to the game’s harder part.

It’s worth noting that pre-Hardmode is an early challenge to ranged users. With fewer options available, you’ll be forced to defeat the Wall of Flesh – a boss which resides in the Underworld. But don’t worry. Some ammunition types will work!

For a faster reference, here are all the stats for every bullet in the game:

Bullet TypeDamageKnockbackVelocity (Base)Velocity MultiplierSpecial Properties
Meteor Shot8132xEnemy Piercing; Wall Bounce
Crystal9152xShatters on impact
Chlorophyte94.553xChases the enemy
Exploding106.64.73xHigh AoE damage (explodes upon contact)
Golden103.64.63xBetter coins drop from killing enemies
High Velocity11448xEnemy Piercing
Venom154.15.33xInflicts the Acid Venom debuff (damage over time)
Cursed12453xInflicts the Cursed Inferno debuff (damage over time)
Ichor1345.253xApplies the Ichor debuff (increases Armor Penetration capabilities)
Nano153.64.63xApplies the Confused debuff (enemy going the opposite direction from the player); Wall Bounce
Luminite20326xEnemy Piercing (up to 50 bodies)

11. Meteor Shot

A Meteor Shot can do two things: hit two enemies with one bullet and find a Floating Island. Because of its piercing capabilities, this bullet type helps take down the Goblin Army or monsters from Blood Moon. It can also bounce off a block, allowing you to catch approaching enemies.

Crafting a Meteor Shot in a batch of 70 cost Musket Balls (70) and Meteorite Bar (1). They’re available in pre-Hardmode, so save some base ammo in case.

10. Crystal Bullet

The player using the Crystal Bullet in Terraria.
Known for having the greatest damage per second output on guns.

Crystal Bullets have the special ability to split into three small shards upon enemy or block contact. The whole thing deals nine damage, with its fragments dealing 50% of the base damage. 

Because of its properties, this ammunition type works great in defeating the Wall of Flesh, Skeletron Prime, and the Twins. However, use Megashark or other rapid-firing weapons for a better result.

You can make 100 Crystal Bullets from Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil with Musket Balls (100) and Crystal Shard (1).

9. Chlorophyte Bullet

Why aim when you can have this bullet type?

One of the best bullets in Terraria, Chlorophyte is one massive game-changer because it has potent homing that targets enemies. Think of a heat-guided missile that chases moving monsters but can also change direction after killing the initial target. With this ammunition, you can count that the spray and pray method will work.

Chlorophyte Bullets are obtainable after defeating all three mechanical bosses. Its main ingredient, Chlorophyte Bar, is a mined resource on underground Jungle biomes. They’re scarce, but a single bar with Musket Balls (70) will give you 70 ammo. Make sure to either have Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil to start crafting.

Weapon-wise, we recommend using a Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, Chain Gun, Gatligator, or Vortex Beater. Chlorophyte Bullet will negate the spread, giving you more shots by consuming only one from your backpack.

8. Exploding Bullet

The player interacting with the Exploding Bullet in Terraria.
Steer clear of the explosions, or you’ll rest in pieces.

Using an Exploding Bullet is ideal if you’re against the Destroyer, Worms, or other large groups of enemies. You can synthesize 50 of them at the Work Bench by combining Empty Bullets (50) and Explosive Powder (1). Alternatively, you can buy them from the Arms Dealer for Copper Coins (29).

Using an Exploding Bullet must be handled with care as the explosion (AoE) can damage the player too! Although they’re great for crowd control (high knockback and damage), it’s essential to mind the distance when you fire your Tactical Shotgun or Sniper Rifle. This ammunition does the job well, but it can still backfire.

7. Golden Bullet

The player interacting with the Golden Bullet in Terraria.
Never worry about coins shortage!

Do you want to farm more coins by killing monsters in Terraria? With the Golden Bullet, you can do it because of the Midas Buff (+10% to +50% more money). The effect lasts two seconds, so using a one-hit kill weapon like the Sniper Rifle is optimal.

However, you may also use Clockwork Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Tactical Shotgun as they conserve ammo. Coins are important in Terraria because you’ll have to spend them to get items. That’s why using Golden Bullet is profitable if you’re farming for money.

The Arms Dealer sells a piece for 39 Copper Coins. However, you can craft 50 of them using Empty Bullets (50) and Gold Dust (1) at the Work Bench.

6. High Velocity Bullet

The player using the High Velocity Bullet in Terraria.
They travel at high speeds—a deadly combination with its armor-piercing capabilities.

This ammo type is similar to Meteor Shot except for its better damage and knockback, and it can pierce up to three enemies. Note that the 2nd and 3rd bodies hit will receive 85% and 72.25% of the base damage, respectively. 

Since High Velocity Bullet is the fastest in-game, we recommend pairing it with a Sniper Rifle because it offers more collateral damage.

Defeating at least one mechanical boss will unlock this ammunition. Moreover, you can craft 50 of them at the Work Bench with Empty Bullets (50) and Cog (1).

5. Venom Bullet

The player interacting with the Venom Bullet in Terraria.
Slow death to your nemesis? No problem.

Venom Bullet has the second-highest base damage in Terraria, but it’s not the 2nd place as other types outperform it.

With this ammo equipped, shooting an enemy will apply the Acid Venom debuff, which deals two damage per second for ten seconds. While it offers 50 total damage, Cursed and Ichor outperform the Venom Bullet.

Empty Bullets (50) and Vial of Venom (1) at the Work Bench will make 50 of this poison-packed ammunition. Although you can buy it from the Arms Dealer, we recommend crafting it to save coins. Defeat Plantera first before attempting to mass-produce this lethal bullet.

4. Cursed Bullet

The player interacting with the Cursed Bullet in Terraria.
Now, who’s weak now, Moon Lord?

Cursed Bullet is one of the unique bullet types in Terraria. Aside from impact damage, it’ll apply the Cursed Inferno debuff, which deals an additional 24 damage per second regardless of the defense. Because of their utility, they’re best against enemies with thick armor (armor penetration advantage).

The Cursed Inferno debuff also compensates 10% Knockback to the enemy, making a safe distance between you and your foes. The debuffed enemy can’t also extinguish the fire with water.

Cursed Bullets (150) cost Musket Balls (150) and Cursed Flame (1) to make. You can craft them from Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil. However, the main ingredient is available to Crimson worlds only.

3. Ichor Bullet

The player using the Ichor Bullet in Terraria.
Fight me the primitive way – no armor!

Once a single Ichor Bullet touches the Skeletron, that’ll spell imminent doom to the abomination. Albeit not the strongest (at least better than the majority), it applies -15 Defense (Ichor Debuff). This type of bullet must be secondary ammo only while you switch back to your main, like Crystal Bullet.

You can make 150 pieces with Musket Balls (150) and Ichor (1) in Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

2. Nano Bullet

The player holding the Nano Bullet in Terraria.
A close counterpart to Chlorophyte.

As one of the best bullets in Terraria, Nano has almost similar but better properties than Chlorophyte. As it bounces off a wall, it’ll seek the nearest enemy at the expense of applying 2/3rds of the original damage.

Hitting an enemy will apply the Confused Debuff. It’ll render them moving away from you for one second (66.67%) or three seconds (33.33%).

Defeating Plantera lets you buy the Nano Bullet from the Arms Dealer. However, at the Work Bench, you can craft 50 of them with Empty Bullets (50) and Nanites (1).

We recommend using it alongside Tactical Shotgun or rapid-fire weapons for the best result.

1. Luminite Bullet

The player using the strongest bullet in Terraria, Luminite.
If you have this ammunition, you’re a god!

Luminite Bullets are the best ones in-game because of the damage, knockback, and rarity. It boasts a multi-piercing ability that can deliver a devastating blow to 50 enemies (if lined correctly). Although a noticeable 4% damage reduction per target applies, its damage is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

Before you can get this legendary ammunition, you’ll need to defeat the Moon Lord to get Luminite Bars. The mechanical boss is the hardest and strongest entity in Terraria, so it’s a long way ahead.

Luminite Bar crafted at the Ancient Manipulator will give you 333 Luminite Bullets. With a Sniper Rifle or S.D.M.G, you’ll create a deadly pair of equipment.

Honorable Mention: Endless Musket Pouch

The player equipping the Endless Musket Pouch in Terraria.
No mag left? Use the Endless Musket Pouch!

In reality, the Endless Musket Pouch is an item acting as an infinite source of Musket Balls. You can make one at the Crystal Ball for 3996 or three stacks of Musket Balls. Once equipped, remove equipment that reduces ammo consumption and replace it with other items.

A weapon’s special properties are also applied regardless of the type. But we suggest using Uzi or S.D.M.G as they lose ammo fast, even with the ammo conservation buff. Nonetheless, the Endless Musket Pouch is excellent for farming coins and saving better ammunition for more important fights.

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