Terraria (Wiki): Tungsten Bullet


In this page, you will learn everything about the Tungsten Bullet. That includes how the ammunition works, ways of obtaining, some useful tips and tricks for maximized efficiency, and more.

Everything you need to know

General Information

This Pre-Hardmode ammunition is the counterpart to Silver Bullets, deals +2DMG, and is faster than Musket Balls.

Tungsten Bullets have no unique properties.

Type: Ammunition
Mode: Pre-Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Tungsten Bullet


  • Stronger and faster than Musket Balls.
  • Higher knockback than Silver Bullets.


  • More expensive than Silver Bullets.
  • Only sold during Blood Moons in Pre-Hardmode.

How to get the Tungsten Bullet

At an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil, combine Musket Ball (70) and Tungsten Bar (1) to make Tungsten Bullets (70).

Tungsten Bullets are also found in Pots during Hardmode (50%). Shadows Chests located at the Underworld also have 50% chance to contain Tungsten Bullets (50-74).

Stats & Attributes of the Tungsten Bullet

General Type: Ranged
Damage value: 9 Health Points
Rarity: White
Knockback: 4
Sell-Value: 3 Copper Coins
Buy-Value: 18 Copper Coins
Required Research: 99
Velocity: 4.5
Velocity Multiplier: 2x
Special Properties: None

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