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In this page, you will learn everything about the Party Bullet. That includes how the ammunition works, ways of obtaining, some useful tips and tricks for maximized efficiency, and more.

Everything you need to know

General Information

Party Bullets are ammunition that release a cloud of confetti upon enemy or block contact. In 3DS, old-gen consoles, Party Bullets cost less than Musket Balls and have better stats than Silver Bullets. The selling price per round also yields 3 Copper Coins in profit.
Type: Ammunition
Mode: Pre-Hardmode

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Party Bullet


  • Profiting 3 Copper Coins is possible (3DS, old-gen consoles).
  • Costs less than Musket Balls and has better stats than Silver Bullets (3DS, old-gen consoles).
  • Boasts the highest base damage among other bullets in Pre-Hardmode.
  • Acquirable in Pre-Hardmode by destroying Pigronatas.


  • Unable to compete against stronger Hardmode bullets.
  • Not a viable option for long-term usage.

How to get the Party Bullet

In Pre-Hardmode, Party Bullets (30-90) are acquirable when Pigronatas are destroyed (11.11%). The Party Girl will sell Pigronatas during Parties.

Party Bullets will become craftable in Hardmode. At a Work Bench, combine Confetti (1) and Empty Bullet (50) to make Party Bullets (50)

Stats & Attributes of the Party Bullet

General Type: Ranged
Damage value: 10 Health Points
Rarity: Orange
Knockback: 5
Sell-Value: 2 Copper Coins (desktop, mobile, console) / 8 Copper Coins (3DS, old-gen consoles)
Buy-Value: Not sold
Required Research: 99
Velocity: 5.1
Velocity Multiplier: 3x
Special Properties: None

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