Terraria: Getting the Slice of Cake (Full Guide 2022)


Have you heard of the Slice of Cake? This furniture in Terraria is unique as it can give an advantage to your stats. Read this easy guide to know how to get the item fast!

Some decorative pieces in Terraria can get as weirder as the Ancient Manipulator or Flesh Cloning Vat. However, there are a few names to mention which are particularly helpful for progress.

The Slice of Cake is one of the most valuable items in-game, despite its deceiving look as a consumable. But stick until the end to know everything about this furniture and how to get one!

Slice of Cake – Overview

Placing this unique object has an interesting player effect. Note that it’s placeable on a piece of flat surface furniture or blocks. Activating the Slice of Cake will then grant you Sugar Rush. This buff improves your mining and movement speed by 20% for two minutes.

Using the perk to your advantage is optimal for deep underground adventures, making gathering ores easier.

To remove the buff, right-click the icon. Reverting the action is possible by interacting with the furniture again. It won’t be consumed despite looking like a single-use item.

How to Get the Slice of Cake

Party Girl will give this item randomly at a dawn party. Note that it must be NPC-initiated, not the player. Otherwise, the villager won’t hand over the unique furniture.

Talk to her first whenever the Party Girl initiates a celebration; you might get lucky.

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