Arms Dealer – Terraria Wiki NPC (Full Guide 2022)


Do you want to spawn the Arms Dealer in Terraria? Since he’s invaluable, we recommend adding him to your town. Read this complete guide as we spill everything about him, the following criteria you’ll need for spawning, and more!

Starting a new game in Terraria will land you with basic Copper Tools and Shortsword. From a beginner’s perspective, it’s decent, considering you have something to defend yourself at night. However, the real fun starts once you have at least the Minishark (but Undertaker is okay too).

If you plan to use ranged weapons in this game, you must prepare your arsenal first. You can worry later about which best bullets to use or guns to carry. 

Meet the Arms Dealer first – a trusty NPC who keeps your gun magazines loaded. This guide lets you know how to spawn him and everything he sells.

Arms Dealer – Overview

The Arms Dealer is one of the first NPCs you’ll have in the pre-Hardmode game. He sells a variety of weapons and ammunition, which scales depending on the difficulty level and player-defeated mechanical bosses.

Once exposed to enemy monsters, he’ll defend himself with a Flintlock Pistol. It’s a relatively weak gun, but once you progress through Hardmode, he’ll gain stats and use the Minishark.

This NPC likes the Desert but dislikes the Snow biome.


Getting the Arms Dealer to move in is easy. Once at least one bullet or gun type is in the player’s inventory (any), it guarantees that he’ll appear in a moment. Note that if they’re in storage items, it won’t count. Don’t forget to furnish the empty house and make it suitable for living first, so he moves in!

Since finding equipment is hard, we recommend an underground adventure on either the Corruption or the Crimson (easiest way). You’ll soon find Shadow Orbs or Crimson Hearts covered with impenetrable blocks your Pickaxe usually can’t break. However, you can blow them away with bombs, and it usually works.

Once destroyed, you’ll get a Musket or an Undertaker (also found in Corrupt Crates or Crimson Crates).

Alternatively, you can get a Boomstick from Ivy Chests and Jungle Crates. Descending below the Dungeon is also a guarantee to obtain a Handgun – but defeat Skeletron first! Lastly, the dropped ammo from Pigronata also works, although you need Party Girl in your town.

The following are qualifying guns and bullets to spawn the NPC in Terraria:

BoomstickChlorophyte Bullet
Chain GunCrystal Bullet
Clockwork Assault RifleCursed Bullet
Flintlock PistolEndless Musket Pouch
GatligatorExploding Bullet
HandgunGolden Bullet
MegasharkHigh Velocity Bullet
MinisharkIchor Bullet
MusketLuminite Bullet
Onyx BlasterMeteor Shot
Pew-matic HornMusket Ball
Phoenix BlasterNano Bullet
Quad-Barrel ShotgunParty Bullet
Red RyderSilver Bullets
RevolverTungsten Bullet
S.D.M.G.Venom Bullet
Sniper Rifle 
Tactical Shotgun 
The Undertaker 
Venus Magnum 
Vortex Beater 

Note: Flare Guns excluded.


The Arms Dealer can offer several helpful items you can buy depending on the circumstances. Note that you can get lower prices by equipping a Discount Card or Greedy Ring and achieving better happiness for the NPC.

Item NameCopper Coin PriceSilver Coin PriceGold Coin PriceAvailability
Musket Ball7  • Always
Silver Bullet15  • Blood Moon event, a world with Silver Ore and Tungsten Ore (pre-Hardmode) 
• Always (Hardmode)
Tungsten Bullet18  • Blood Moon event, a world with Tungsten Ore (pre-Hardmode) 
• Always (Hardmode)
Unholy Arrow40  • Nighttime after defeating the Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds (Hardmode)
Flintlock Pistol  5• Always
Minishark  35• Always
Illegal Gun Parts  20• Nighttime
Shotgun  25• Always (Hardmode)
Empty Bullet5  • Always (Hardmode)
Stynger Bolt75  • Stynger must be on the player inventory
Stake15  • Stake Launcher must be on the player inventory
Nail 1 • Nail Gun must be on the player inventory
Candy Corn5  • Candy Corn Rifle must be on the player inventory
Explosive Jack ‘O Lantern15  • Jack ‘O Lantern Launcher must be on the player inventory
Nurse Hat  3• At Halloween
Nurse Shirt   • At Halloween
Nurse Pants   • At Halloween
Quad-Barrel Shotgun  35• NPC must be at the Graveyard Biome after defeating Skeletron
Pylon  10• NPC must be happy enough (any biome)


The Arms Dealer prefers to live near the Nurse, although also attracted to the Dryad. Moreover, the Princess, the Mechanic, and the Steampunker are also okay as they share a good friendship.

However, the Golfer and the Demolitionist may be a problem as the Weapons Dealer dislikes them. 

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