How to easily set spawn location in Terraria?


Setting spawn location in Terraria is not a necessity, although it can make your life easier in certain situations. This is especially true if you're making a sky base or a base in some other part of the map. In this article, we'll talk about player spawning and how to change its default location.

Spawn location in Terraria is important when you teleport back to base or revive after death. By default, the players revive at the same location in which they first appeared at the start of the game. This is always within five blocks of the exact middle of the map. Furthermore, this area is always within the relatively peaceful Forest biome.

You don’t actually have to set a new spawn location in Terraria. In fact, you can finish the game without ever changing it. However, this feature can help you in certain situations, such as when you want to revive in a better-protected spot.

What makes spawn location in Terraria so important?

Like in similar games, you want to teleport or revive in a location close to your stash. As soon as they materialize, most players want to smelt ores into bars and use them to create new equipment. So, you’ll need a Furnace and an Anvil nearby.

Having other crafting stations in the vicinity is essential. You might need a Work Bench, Cooking Pot, or Alchemy Table before venturing out. Sharpening Station, Ammo Box, and Bewitching Table provide short-lasting buffs, so it would be best to have them close to the revive point.

Inexperienced players will create a base around their initial spawning point. So, they won’t have to move its location later on. However, if you’re looking to avoid enemy incursions during events or avoid Crimson/Corrupt infection, you’ll build a base in the sky.

In such cases, it’s much better to change your spawn because you want to appear close to your crafting stations. On Hardmode, strong opponents will invade your base, so it is wise to move the spawning point to a more secure location. Just imagine continuously dying just because you were too lazy to move.

How do you change revive spot?

To change your spawning location, you’ll need a Bed. After you place it in a functional house, you just need to press activate button on top of it, and it’s assigned as the new revive/teleport spot. You can easily notice the exact spot on the minimap as it’s marked with a Bed icon.

How to build a house?

You should make a house before creating a Bed. Here are the prerequisites for this structure:

  • The most common house is 5 tiles with 7 tiles, excluding the floor, walls, and ceiling. However, you can also go with 3×10, 4×8, and 6×6 dimensions.
  • You can’t have holes in walls or background walls occupying more than five tiles.
  • A valid house should have at least 60 tiles, up to 750 tiles.
  • Each house needs a light source, a flat-surface item, an entrance, and a comfort item.

You should build the first house almost immediately. Don’t worry too much about the materials; a plain Wooden home will suffice at first. This would allow you to attract the first NPCs in the game. Keep in mind that you can put a Bed in a house even if it’s occupied by other characters.

As mentioned, your bedroom should be close to crafting stations and stash but also well connected with other parts of the base. If possible, you should have a Pylon nearby and a Hellavator. This would save you a lot of time as the game goes on.

How to build a Bed?

At first glance, the Bed recipe looks straightforward. The main issue is that you need several workstations (Loom, Sawmill, Steel or Iron Anvil, and Furnace), which complicates things a lot. Here are the basic ingredients for this piece of furniture:

  • Silk (5)
  • Wood (15)
  • Sawmill (crafting station)

To create Silk, you’ll need a Loom. To make this crafting, you’ll need 12 Wood built at Sawmill. Making a Sawmill is much harder as it requires a Chain, Work Bench, Iron Bars, and Wood. To create some of these items, you’ll also need Steel or Iron Anvil and Furnace.

All in all, if we consider other ingredients and crafting stations, here are all the materials you need to assemble a Bed:

  • Torch (3)
  • Cobweb (35)
  • Wood (51)
  • Stone Block (20)
  • Iron or Steel Ore (24)

You’ll get most of this stuff as you venture into Caverns. The most troublesome ingredients are Iron and Steel, but you can also get them within the first 30 minutes of playing Terraria.

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