Making Ale in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Do you need an extra combat boost without spending too many resources and making profiting possible? Ale is one of the best options, and we'll help you make tons for your advantage!

You’ll get a different outcome in battle or boss fights when using Buff Potions. On a larger scale, your chances of surviving an encounter and defeating an entity are significant. However, lower-tier concoctions stored in your chest are better than nothing.

One of them is Ale – a common drink that alleviates calmness and optimizes your battle performance. Albeit a Tier 0 item, it’s multifunctional in Terraria for different reasons we’ll mention in this guide!

Ale – Overview

As a multi-purpose item, Ale is categorized as a potion, food, ammunition, and crafting material. Its standard classification is an in-game concoction that boosts players’ melee abilities.

Specifically, you’ll get the Tipsy debuff for two minutes, where you’ll have -4 Defense. However, it’s a good trade for several stats, including +2% Critical Melee Hit, +10% Melee Attack Speed, and +10% Melee Damage.

For less conserving players, feel free to use it as ammunition for the Ale Tosser. This weapon deals 20 Damage upon impact.

How to Make Ale?

Brewing this concoction takes almost no resources to make! Move near a Keg and start crafting the item with Mug (1). An alternative but expensive way is by buying from the Tavernkeep for Silver Coin (1).

Planning to profit with the potion is possible because of the difference between making and selling costs. Using Sand Blocks, you can make a Mug from a Glass at the Furnace. It’s free as long as you’re in the Desert. In total, you’ll make Copper Coins (20) decent enough for a beginner-friendly way of farming money.

Item Upgrade

Ale is a key ingredient in making Molotov Cocktail – a consumable item that burns and damages enemies in its vicinity. With your hand, make sure to have the item (5), Pink Gel (1), Silk (1), and Torch (1) in your inventory.

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