How to Easily Make Beds in Terraria?


In this Terraria bed recipe guide, we’ll list all the resources you need to create this furniture. We’ll also talk about the importance of having a bed in your base and how it affects your spawning.

People often ask us, “How to make beds in Terraria?” Although this is one of the more common pieces of furniture, it requires quite a bit of effort to make. In fact, unless you plan to create a bed ahead of time, you might never see it within your crafting item list.

Although you can make it with some essential ingredients, it requires several rarely-used workstations to assemble. Some players see beds as an irrelevant item, and they might never make it during a playthrough. However, this piece of furniture has a few neat features that make it stand out from other comfort items in the game.

Why do I need a bed?

Beds have a very specific purpose in the game. You could use them as a new spawning point for your character, which can be very important if you decide to make a sky castle or a new base in a different biome.

To use a bed as a spawning point, you have to place it in a valid room. In other words, the room needs to have an entrance, a light source, flat surface furniture, a full back wall, and to be 5 by 7 squares big. Bed counts as a comfort item, so you do not need a chair.

Aside from using it as a spawning point, the bed can also serve to hasten the world’s time. It can boost your regeneration, like any other comfort item. Keep in mind that you cannot use this furniture during the Blood Moon event. If your bed is destroyed, the respawn location reverts to the default position.

How to Make beds in Terraria?

Terraria bed recipe looks rather straightforward:

  • Wood (15 pieces required)
  • Silk (5 pieces required)
  • Sawmill (work station)

Although you get Wood early on, it will take some time to assemble a Sawmill. You also need Silk that can only be made at the Loom. Creating a Loom is relatively easy if you already have a Sawmill, as the recipe only requires 12 pieces of Wood.

The main issue with the Sawmill is that it requires lots of different materials, albeit in smaller quantities. Here is how to make this craft station:

  • Any Wood (10 pieces required)
  • Any Iron Bar (2 pieces required) – You need a Furnace to smelt bars
  • Chain – You need an Iron/Steel Bar and an Iron/Steel Anvil to create the item
  • Work Bench (workstation)

As we dig deeper, the Terraria bed recipe becomes much more complex. If we take into account that you need 5 different workstations (Work Bench, Iron/Steel Anvil, Furnace, Loom, and Sawmill), it quickly becomes a tactical nightmare. Considering the material for crafting stations, you will need all these ingredients to create a Bed:

  • 20 Stone Blocks
  • 3 Torches
  • 24 Iron/Steel Ore or 8 Iron/Steel Bars (if you find them in chests)
  • 35 Cobweb
  • 51 Wood

One of the ways to make things easier is if you find Iron or Steel Bars in chests. This will allow you to skip Furnace as you will not have to smelt ore.

Acquiring materials for Terraria bed recipe

Getting materials for the Terraria bed recipe is not as hard as it might seem, although it requires some leg work. You can get 3 Torches and 51 Wood almost immediately by chopping down the trees on the surface. You will make a Work Bench straight away (requires 10 Wood), and it will be your first crafting station. 

As you start digging into the ground, you will get the 20 Stone Blocks you need for a Furnace. You should also find Iron/Steel Ore that you will use to create an Anvil and a Chain, which is one of the ingredients for a Sawmill.

Cobweb is probably the toughest material to find. You use it to create Silk at Loom workstation. Unfortunately, you will have to go a bit deeper to find the material. Depending on the world seed, there might not even be Cobweb in Cavern biome. There should be some in Spider Caves.

Keep in mind that other types of Beds will require different workstations and different ingredients. For example, if you wish to make Frozen Bed, you will need Ice Blocks instead of Wood and an Ice Machine instead of a Sawmill.

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