Terraria Endurance Potion: Effects, Crafting, and More


In need of a perky buff in Terraria? The Endurance Potion might be one of the finest choices you can bring in combat! Stay alive, become a proficient boss slayer, and learn how to make the item through this guide.

It’s not new to defeat bosses in Terraria with some potions for extra stats spice. Sometimes, slaying enemies for progression takes longer and more challenging, prompting players to use the Endurance Potion.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about the concoction that makes you more resilient in battle, regardless of your class. Moreover, we’ll help you with how to brew and what ingredients are needed, alongside tips for your advantage.

Endurance Potion – Overview

Consuming an Endurance Potion enhances damage reduction by 10%. The Endurance buff lasts four minutes and can be canceled by right-clicking the icon. It’s perfect for battling bosses with high base damage and works well alongside Ironskin Potions.

Combining this potion with Beetle Armor and Worm Scarf will increase the damage reduction by 60%. However, it can go up to 74% with the Frozen Turtle Shell.

How to Make an Endurance Potion

There are three ingredients to brew the concoction. These are Armored Cavefish (1), Blinkroot (1), and Bottled Water (1). The crafting station you’ll need is either a Placed Bottle or the Alchemy Table.

Armored Cavefish is uncommonly found in the Underground or Cavern by fishing. Also, any biome except the Desert in Underworld layers are perfect spots to catch the creature.

On the other hand, you can get Blinkroot anytime from Dirt or Mud blocks.

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