Terraria Shimmer: Location, Transmutations & Decrafting


Do you need help finding the Shimmer’s location in Terraria? How about its use in your gameplay? We’ve packed everything in this guide for you to learn, so read on!

The Shimmer in Terraria.
The Aether biome containing a handful of Shimmer.

During a 1.4.4 Terraria version update on September 28, 2022, Re-Logic added various content, giving players more gameplay hours. One inclusion is the Shimmer – a rare liquid with unique properties present upon world creation.

This page covers everything about the Shimmer, including its function, location, and transmutations. You’ll also get various permanent boosts from this liquid, so we recommend checking it out!

What is Shimmer and How Does it Work?

The Shimmer appears as a shiny purplish liquid in Terraria. In Pre-Hardmode, you can encounter only a handful compared to an endless amount available upon defeating the Moon Lord. Regardless, the quantity of Shimmer upon the first encounter is enough to perform several unique properties it offers:

Player vs. Shimmer

  • Endless Fall. Getting into contact physically or attempting to fish will let you phase through any blocks until an opening is available. Many Terraria players are using this as an exploit to defeat Enraged Empress of Light and even Master Mode playthroughs.
  • Shimmering Debuff. Once in contact with the liquid, you won’t be able to move or use items. You’re also invincible from non-boss enemies in that state.

Items vs. Shimmer

  • Decrafting. Throwing certain items (table below) will extract their crafting ingredients. This method is good for crafting gear with a chance to get the best modifier possible without paying the Goblin Tinkerer.
  • Resource Return. Throwing certain items (table below) will give back common resources for crafting an item. For example, throwing a Copper Pickaxe in the Shimmer will yield Copper Ores. You can do this to profit or other purposes.
  • Complete Transmutation. Throwing certain items into the Shimmer (table below) will transform into something. Most are useless, like throwing Luminite and downgrading it into Chlorophyte Ores. However, some conversions are valuable, including Vital Crystal from Life Crystal and Arcane Crystal from Mana Crystal.

Note that we’ve included exclusive Shimmer transmutations in the tables below.

NPCs vs. Shimmer

  • Shimmer variants. Faelings and Shimmer Slimes are unique transformations so far. Other enemies coming into contact with the liquid typically become another type of monster.
  • Town NPCs. NPCs coming into contact with the Shimmer will change their appearance. This process has no gameplay effect and is for visual purposes.

Successful item transmutations will float upwards, leaving the liquid and acting like Souls. They remain in that state until you pick them up. The same goes for NPCs, although temporarily. 

However, unsuccessful ones will leave items at the bottom of the Shimmer. Enemies will become invisible as well.

There’s more that’s happening to the Shimmer in Terraria. For example, a Hunter Potion will reveal submerged enemies like Werewolves immune to the Shimmering debuff. But it wouldn’t matter as much unless you’re doing an experiment or using exploits.

Where and How to Find the Shimmer in Terraria

The Aether biome in Terraria's World Map.
The Aether biome in the World Map.

Generating a world in Terraria, regardless of its configuration in the menu, will always have the Shimmer. So as early as Pre-Hardmode, head where the Jungle biome is, and expect it slightly near the Ocean. The Shimmer is precisely located in the Underground or Cavern layer, but you’ll certainly find the Aether as you keep digging down.

The Aether biome has a similar background as the Space layer, so take it as a marker.

In Hardmode, defeating the Moon Lord will grant Luminites, which you can craft into Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator. You can then use those Luminite Bars to make the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket.

While you can always move the Shimmer liquid from the Aether biome to a nearby base through Pumps, we don’t recommend it.

Shimmer Item Decrafting

A Nebula Pickaxe transforming into Nebula Fragment and Luminite Bar (ingredients) upon Shimmer contact.
You can turn most items in Terraria into their ingredients in the Shimer.

This section lists separate tables for items with multiple recipes, special outputs, random ingredients, temporary non-decraftable, and totally non-craftable. We’ll explain every part.

Note: Using the Shimmer, you can decraft most items in Terraria with no problem. However, these are the exceptions:

Random Ingredients

All items in this list are products from using an Alchemy Table or Placed Bottle. The materials you’ll get when submerging them into the Shimmer are random.

Ammo ReservationEnduranceGreater LuckLoveRageSwiftness
BattleFertilizerHunterMagic PowerRegenerationThorns
Biome SightFishingInfernoMana RegenerationShineTitan
CalmingGender ChangeIronskinNight OwlSpelunkerWater Walking
CrateGillsLesser LuckObsidian SkinStinkWormhole
DangersenseGravitationLifeforcePotion of ReturnSummoningWrath

Special Outputs

Five items in Terraria have unique decrafting output when thrown into the Shimmer. There’s no official explanation for this as of this guide’s writing.

ItemMaterials from Shimmer Transmutation
Copper AxeCopper Ore & Wood
Copper Pickaxe
Copper Shortsword
Silver Bullet (70)70 Musket Balls & 1 Silver Ore
Tungsten Bullet (70)70 Musket Balls & 1 Tungsten Ore

Multiple Recipes

Items in the following table have alternative crafting materials available. For example, crafting the Magic Mirror may require Gold Bar or Platinum Bar. However, throwing the same item to the Shimmer will grant Gold Bar instead.

ItemMaterials from Shimmer Transmutation
Avenger Emblem5 Soul of Fright, Might, and Sight & 1 Warrior Emblem
Axe of Regrowth1 Copper Axe, 12 Jungle Spores, 1 Staff of Regrowth, 3 Vines
Bundle of Horseshoe Balloons1 Blizzard in a Balloon, Cloud in a Balloon, Luck Horseshoe, Sandstorm in a Balloon
Cell Phone1 Magic Mirror & PDA
Flinx Fur Coat8 Flinx Furs, 8 Gold Bars, 10 Silks
Flinx Staff6 Flix Furs, 10 Gold Bars
Flymeal1 Gold Broadsword & 5 Stinkbugs
Forbidden Mask10 Adamantite Bars & 1 Forbidden Fragment
Forbidden Robes20 Adamantite Bars & 1 Forbidden Fragment
Forbidden Treads16 Adamantite Bars & 1 Forbidden Fragment
Frog Gear1 Frog Flipper & Tiger Climbing Gear
Frost Breastplate20 Adamantite Bars & 1 Frost Core
Frost Helmet10 Adamantite Bars & 1 Frost Core
Frost Leggings16 Adamantite Bars & 1 Frost Core
GPS1 Compass, Depth Meter, Gold Watch
Ironskin Potion1 Bottled Water, Daybloom, Iron Ore
Lava Welders1 Lava Charm, Obsidian Rose, Obsidian Water Walking Boots
Magic Mirror3 Diamonds, 10 Glasses, 8 Gold Bars
Molten Skull Rose1 Magma Skull & Obsidian Rose
Peace Candle2 Gold Bars & 1 Pink Torch
Shell Pile1 Seashell
Slime Crown20 Gels & 1 Gold Crown
Spectre Boots1 Hermes Boots & Rocket Boots
Spelunker Potion1 Blinkroot, Bottled Water, Gold Ore, Moonglow
Sticky Dirt Bomb1 Dirt Bomb & Gel
Throne20 Silks & 30 Gold Bars
Unholy Arrow (5)5 Wooden Arrows & 1 Worm Tooth
Water Candle1 Candle

Temporary Non-Decraftable

Assuming you’re successful at locating the Shimmer in Terraria and need resource returns, you won’t be able to unless you defeat a specific boss first.


Armor & VanityBone FurnitureOthersPianos
Necro BreastplateBone BathtubChest LockAsh Wood
Necro GreavesBone BedFertilizerBalloon
Necro HelmetBone Block WallMechanical SkullBamboo
Plaguebringer’s SkullBone BookcaseSpinal TapBone
Skull LanternBone CandelabraTeapotBoreal Wood
Timeless Traveler’s HoodBone ChairTitan PotionCactus
 Bone ChandelierVoid BagCrystal
 Bone ChestVoid VaultDynasty
 Bone Clock Ebonwood
 Bone Door Flesh
 Bone Dresser Frozen
 Bone Lamp Glass
 Bone Lantern Granite
 Bone Platform Honey
 Bone Sink Lesion
 Bone Sofa Lihzahrd
 Bone Table Living Wood
 Bone Toilet Marble
 Bone Work Bench Martian
   Palm Wood
   Rich Mahogany


Lihzahrd BathtubLihzahrd ChairLihzahrd DresserLihzahrd Sink
Lihzahrd BedLihzahrd ChandelierLihzahrd LampLihzahrd Sofa
Lihzahrd BookcaseLihzahrd ChestLihzahrd LanternLihzahrd Table
Lihzahrd CandelabraLihzahrd ClockLihzahrd PianoLihzahrd Toilet
Lihzahrd CandleLihzahrd DoorLihzahrd Platform 

Totally Non-Decraftable

The following items are impossible to decraft from the Shimmer for good reasons. For example, if you’re planning to wear the Frost armor set, acquiring a Blizzard in a Bottle (early Pre-Hardmode) lets you have Frost Cores. Note that both the armor set and accessory need the latter ingredient, which is only available on Hardmode.

1 Second TimerBunny StewDry RocketGreater Healing PotionNebula FragmentSeafood DinnerVortex Fragment
3 Second TimerCooked FishEscargotGrub SoupPanic NecklaceSolar Fragment 
5 Second TimerCooked ShrimpFlesh Cloning VatHealing PotionRestoration PotionStardust Fragment 
Band of StarpowerCrawdad BannerFroggle BunwichLesser Healing PotionRoasted BirdSuper Healing Potion 
Blizzard in a BottleDecay ChamberGiant Shelly BannerLobster TailSashimiSuper Mana Potion 
Bowl of SoupDry BombGolden DelightMana PotionSauteed Frog LegsTerrar Toilet 

Shimmer Item Transmutations

In this section, you’ll learn about all item transmutations. We’re prioritizing special ones first before others, as the former provides a huge advantage to your Terraria gameplay.

Best Transmutations

The Clentaminator thrown into the Shimmer.
Arguably one of the best Shimmer transmutations you can do to speed up clearing infected biomes.
Shimmer Transmutation ResultItem ThrownFunction
Advanced Combat Techniques: Volume TwoSpell TomeTown NPCs get a permanent +6 Defense and 20% Attack Damage. Stacks additively with Advanced Combat Techniques and various buffs through gameplay progression.
Aegis FruitLife Fruit+4 permanent Defense.
AmbrosiaApple+5% permanent Mining and Tile and Wall Placement Speed.
Blood Orange
Dragon Fruit
Spicy Pepper
Star Fruit
Arcane CrystalMana CrystalCuts the time between casting mana-consuming weapons and the process where it recharges by 5% when moving. If standing still, the value is halved.
Galaxy PearlPink Pearl+0.003 permanent Luck.
Gummy WormGold Worm+3 permanent Fishing Power.
Peddler’s SatchelPeddler’s Hat+1 max item sold by the Traveling Merchant
Rod of HarmonyRod of DiscordLets you teleport safely by removing the Chaos State debuff (unlike Rod of Discord).
TerraformerClentaminatorNow reaches 95 tiles and seven tiles in width. Also has a 33% chance to save Solutions.
Vital CrystalLife Crystal+20% permanent Health Regeneration
[LUCK INCREASE]Copper CoinIncreases Luck at an extremely small range. We recommend dropping Platinum Coin for the best result.
Silver Coin
Gold Coin
Platinum Coin

Other Transmutations

Shimmer Transmutation ResultThrown Item
Adhesive BandageBezoar
Angler EarringHigh Test Fishing Line
Armor PolishVitamins
BezoarAdhesive Bandage
BlindfoldPocket Mirror
Discount CardGold Ring
Fast ClockTrifold Map
Fisherman’s Pocket GuideWeather Radio
Flying CarpetPharaoh’s Robe
Gold RingLucky Coin
High Test Fishing LineTackle Box
Lava CharmMagma Stone
Lucky CoinDiscount Card
Magma StoneLava Charm
Pocket MirrorBlindfold
Ranger EmblemWarrior Emblem
Sandstorm in a BottlePharaoh’s Mask
SextantFisherman’s Pocket Guide
Shiny Red BalloonBalloon Pufferfish
Sorcerer EmblemRanger Emblem
Summoner EmblemSorcerer Emblem
Tackle BoxAngler Earring
Trifold MapFast Clock
VitaminsArmor Polish
Warrior EmblemSummoner Emblem
Weather RadioSextant
Ballista CaneFlameburst Cane
Ballista RodFlameburst Rod
Ballista StaffFlameburst Staff
Explosive Trap CaneBallista Cane
Explosive Trap RodBallista Rod
Explosive Trap StaffBallista Cane
Finch StaffLiving Wood Wand
Flameburst CaneLightning Aura Cane
Flameburst RodLightning Aura Rod
Flameburst StaffLightning Aura Staff
Gas TrapUsed Gas Trap
Whoopie Cushion
Lightning Aura CaneExplosive Trap Cane
Lightning Aura RodExplosive Trap Rod
Lightning Aura StaffExplosive Trap Staff
Shimmer ArrowHellfire Arrow
Wooden Arrow
Shimmer FlareBlue Flare
Ancient Cobalt BreastplateJungle Shirt
Ancient Cobalt HelmetJungle Hat
Ancient Cobalt LeggingsJungle Pants
Ancient Gold HelmetGold Helmet
Ancient Iron HelmetIron Helmet
Ancient Necro HelmetNecro Helmet
Ancient Shadow GreavesShadow Greaves
Ancient Shadow HelmetShadow Helmet
Ancient Shadow ScalemailShadow Scalemail
Gold HelmetAncient Gold Helmet
Iron HelmetAncient Iron Helmet
Jungle HatAncient Cobalt Helmet
Jungle PantsAncient Cobalt Leggings
Jungle ShirtAncient Cobalt Breastplate
Mining PantsMining Shirt
Mining ShirtMining Pants
Necro HelmetAncient Necro Helmet
Pharaoh’s MaskSandstorm in a Bottle
Pharaoh’s RobeFlying Carpet
Shadow GreavesAncient Shadow Greaves
Shadow HelmetAncient Shadow Helmet
Shadow ScalemailAncient Shadow Scalemail
Ancient Blue BrickBlue Brick
Ancient Cobalt BrickCobalt Brick
Ancient Copper BrickCopper Brick
Ancient Gold BrickGold Brick
Ancient Green BrickGreen Brick
Ancient Hellstone BrickHellstone Brick
Ancient Mythril BrickMythril Brick
Ancient Obsidian BrickObsidian Brick
Ancient Pink BrickPink Brick
Ancient Silver BrickSilver Brick
Astra BrickLuminite Brick (during a Third Quarter Moon Phase)
Cosmic Ember BrickLuminite Brick (during a Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase)
Crimsand BlockCrimsandstone Block
Hardened Crimsand Block
Cryocore BrickLuminite Brick (during a First Quarter Moon Phase)
Dark Celestial BrickLuminite Brick (during a Waning Crescent Moon Phase)
Dirt BlockStone Block
Ebonsand BlockEbonsandstone Block
Hardened Ebonsand Block
Granite BlockMarble Block
Heavenforge BrickLuminite Brick (during a Full Moon Phase)
HiveCrispy Honey Block
Honey Block
Lunar Rust BrickLuminite Brick (during a Waning Gibbous Moon Phase)
Marble BlockGranite Block
Mercury BrickLuminite Brick (during a New Moon Phase)
Pearlsand BlockHardened Pearlsand Block
Pearlsandstone Block
Sand BlockHardened Sand Block
Sandstone Block
Snow BlockIce Block
Star Royale BrickLuminite Brick (during a Waxing Crescent Moon Phase)
Stone BlockAmethyst
Copper Ore
WoodAsh Wood
Boreal Wood
Dynasty Wood
Palm Wood
Rich Mahogany
Spooky Wood
Corruption ChestCorruption Key
Crimson ChestCrimson Key
Desert ChestDesert Key
Hallowed ChestHallowed Key
Ice ChestFrozen Key
Jungle ChestJungle Key
Corrupt CrateDefiled Crate
Crimson CrateHematic Crate
Dungeon CrateStockade Crate
Frozen CrateBoreal Crate
Golden CrateTitanium Crate
Hallowed CrateDivine Crate
Iron CrateMythril Crate
Jungle CrateBramble Crate
Oasis CrateMirage Crate
Obsidian CrateHellstone Crate
Ocean CrateSeaside Crate
Sky CrateAzure Crate
Wooden CratePearlwood Crate
AmberAmber Bunny
Amber Squirrel
AmethystAmethyst Bunny
Amethyst Squirrel
DiamondDiamond Bunny
Diamond Squirrel
EmeraldEmerald Bunny
Emerald Squirrel
Ruby Bunny
Ruby Squirrel
Sapphire Bunny
Sapphire Squirrel
Topaz Bunny
Topaz Squirrel
Adamantite OreTitanium Ore
Chlorophyte OreLuminite
Cobalt OrePalladium Ore
Copper OreTin Ore
Gold OrePlatinum Ore
Iron OreLead Ore
Lead OreSilver Ore
Mythril OreOrichalcum Ore
Orichalcum OreAdamantite Ore
Palladium OreMythril ore
Platinum OreCobalt Ore
Silver OreTungsten Ore
Tin OreIron Ore
Titanium OreChlorophyte Ore
Tungsten OreGold Ore
Aether CampfireCampfire
Aether MonolithAngel Statue
Aether TorchBlue Torch
Bone Torch
Coral Torch
Corrupt Torch
Crimson Torch
Cursed Torch
Demon Torch
Desert Torch
Green Torch
Hallowed Torch
Ice Torch
Ichor Torch
Jungle Torch
Mushroom Torch
Orange Torch
Pink Torch
Purple Torch
Rainbow Torch
Red Torch
Ultrabright Torch
White Torch
Yellow Torch
Alchemy TableBewitching Table
Bewitching TableAlchemy Table
Bottomless Shimmer BucketBottomless Water Bucket
Bottomless Water BucketBottomless Shimmer Bucket
Can of WormsHerb Bag
Chromatic CloakStar Cloak
Diva SlimeSparkle Slime Balloon
Enchanted MoondialEnchanted Sundial
Helium MossArgon Moss
Krypton Moss
Lava Moss
Neon Moss
Xenon Moss
Herb BagCan of Worms
Honey BucketLava Bucket
Jungle Grass SeedsMushroom Grass Seeds
Lava BucketWater Bucket
Mushroom Grass SeedsJungle Grass Seeds
Music BoxRecorded Music Boxes
Purification PowderVicious Powder
Vile Powder
Water BucketHoney Bucket
Whoopie CushionZombie Arm
Cursed Blue Brick WallBlue Brick Wall
Cursed Blue Slab WallBlue Slab Wall
Cursed Blue Tiled WallBlue Tiled Wall
Cursed Green Brick WallGreen Brick Wall
Cursed Green Slab WallGreen Slab Wall
Cursed Green Tiled WallGreen Tiled Wall
Cursed Pink Brick WallPink Brick Wall
Cursed Pink Slab WallPink Slab Wall
Cursed Pink Tiled WallPink Tiled Wall
Forbidden Lihzahrd Brick WallLihzahrd Brick Wall (Post-Golem)
Infested Spider WallSpider Wall
Treacherous Hardened Sand WallHardened Sand Wall
Treacherous Sandstone WallHardened Sand Wall

Critter / Enemy Transmutations

The Bunny becoming a Faeling in Terraria after Shimmer exposure.
Notice how the Bunny is transformed into a Faeling after Shimmer exposure.

Critters or enemies in Terraria interacting with the Shimmer have varying results, as shown in the table below:

Shimmer Transmutation ResultEntity
AmberAmber Squirrel
AmethystAmethyst Bunny
Bone Throwing Headache SkeletonArmed Pincushion Zombie
Bone Throwing Misassembled SkeletonArmed Twiggy Zombie
Bone Throwing Pantless SkeletonArmed Female Zombie
Bone Throwing SkeletonArmed Slimed Zombie
Armed Swamp Zombie
Armed Torch Zombie
Armed Zombie
DiamondDiamond Squirrel
EmeraldEmerald Squirrel
Blue Fairy
Blue Jay
Blue Macaw
Enchanted Nightcrawler
Explosive Bunny
Gold Bird
Gold Bunny
Gold Butterfly
Gold Dragonfly
Gold Frog
Gold Goldfish
Gold Grasshopper
Gold Ladybug
Gold Mouse
Gold Seahorse
Gold Squirrel
Gold Water Strider
Gold Worm
Gray Cockatiel
Green Fairy
Mystic Frog
Pink Fairy
Red Squirrel
Scarlet Macaw
Water Strider
 Yellow Cockatiel
Gummy WormGold Worm
Headache SkeletonPincushion Zombie
Misassembled SkeletonBald Zombie
Twiggy Zombie
Pantless SkeletonFemale Zombie
RubyRuby Squirrel
SapphireSapphire Squirrel
Shimmer SlimeBaby Slime
Black Slime
Blue Slime
Purple Slime
Bunny Slime
Corrupt Slime
Green Slime
Ice Slime
Illuminant Slime
Jungle Slime
Mother Slime
Present Slime
Rainbow Slime
Red Slime
Sand Slime
Spiked Ice Slime
Spiked Jungle Slime
Toxic Sludge
Umbrella Slime
Yellow Slime
SkeletonSlimed Zombie
Swamp Zombie
Torch Zombie
TopazTopaz Squirrel

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