Ultimate Moon Lord Guide: Terraria (2022)


Brace yourselves as the endgame is upon you! The final boss in Terraria is your greatest challenge yet! Summoning the Moon Lord is a statement of your progress; its downfall will sing glory to your name. But calling upon this foe is no simple task. Great preparation is essential, with multiple parts to face before your impending doom. The boss will show no mercy, and so shouldn’t you!

Do not fret, as this guide will show you how to summon and defeat this towering beast. Recommending the best equipment and strategies is the name of the game. All you need is hard work and dedication. Ready to face certain doom? This guide will show you the way!

Moon Lord Overview

The Moon Lord is the strongest of all bosses, with the largest health pool and armor. With pre-Moon Lord items, it’s a challenge to beat. With multiple attacks and multiple hitboxes to manage, the fight will be against your favor.

Here are its core stats:

Boss PartClassicExpert ModeMaster Mode
Head45000 Health
50 Armor
Knockback Resist 100% Immune to Confused Debuff
67500 Health
50 Armor
Knockback Resist 100% Immune to Confused Debuff
86062 Health
50 Armor
Knockback Resist 100%
Immune to Confused Debuff
Hands25000 Health
40 Armor
Knockback Resist 100% Immune to Confused Debuff
37500 Health
40 Armor
Knockback Resist 100% Immune to Confused Debuff
47812 Health
40 Armor
Knockback Resist 100%Immune to Confused Debuff
Core50000 Health70 ArmorKnockback Resist 100%Immune to Confused Debuff75000 Health70 Armor
Knockback Resist 100%
Immune to Confused Debuff
95625 Health
70 Armor
Knockback Resist 100%Immune to Confused Debuff
Moon Lord Stats

The boss has one eye on each hand, one on the head, and a core on its chest. Each of these parts has health bars to deplete. Although it has multiple parts, only the eyes are responsible for its attacks. Not to worry! Each attack is in a set pattern, so it’s possible to learn each attack with multiple attempts.

The attacks are in this arrangement before any eye is defeated:

  • Hand Phantasmal Eyes
  • Hand Phantasmal Spheres
  • Hand Phantasmal Bolts
  • Mouth Tentacle and Moon Leech Clots
  • Head Phantasmal Deathray
  • Head Phantasmal Bolts

Once one or more eyes have been defeated, a True Eye of Cthulhu will spawn for each slain. These are its attack patterns:

  • Phantasmal Bolts
  • Phantasmal Sphere
  • Phantasmal Eyes
  • Phantasmal Deathray
  • Phantasmal Sphere

Here are the stats for each attack:

AttackClassicExpert ModeMaster Mode
Phantasmal Spheres80160240
Phantasmal Eyes60120180
Phantasmal Bolts60120180
Phantasmal Deathray150300450
Moon Lord Attack Stats

Summoning Moon Lord

Celestial pillar
Celestial Pillar

The start of your journey to defeat this foe begins with the Lunatic Cultist. To spawn this boss, you must be in Hardmode and defeat all Mechanical bosses, Plantera and Golem. After all of that is settled, you must now locate the Dungeon. Once found, you will find an NPC where you must curse and defeat Skeletron. Skeletron can only be summoned at night, so keep this in mind.

You have done all the prerequisite tasks and must wait for the Cultists to spawn in the same Dungeon. To summon the Lunatic Cultist, All you need to do is slay the NPCs. All you need to do now is defeat him and proceed to the next step.

Once he is defeated, your world will summon the Celestial Pillars. These are four bosses that are spread out across the map. These spawn creatures are unique to each Pillar in large numbers. Slaying them is essential as it will deplete the boss’s shield, making it possible to defeat them. Defeating these is the last step in summoning the Moon Lord.

These are the stats for each Pillar:

Celestial Pillars
(Solar, Vortex, Nebula, Stardust)
Max Life: 20000
Defense: 20
Knockback Resist: 100%
Immune to All Debuffs except Whip debuffs

Tshe last Pillar has been slain, and you must now prepare as the Moon Lord will spawn in one minute. Will you survive its wrath?

player equipment


Now you know how to summon him; you must know what to prepare for! Being almost at the apex of Terraria, you now have access to the best of the best when it comes to equipment. 

This guide will cover one optimal set per Class and the Accessories you’ll need for the fight.


One of the more challenging roles in the game must be the Melee Class. Although having a rough start in the early game, late-game items make up for the weaknesses of this Class. Arming yourself with the melee can offer is essential for your survival!

Here is the equipment set you’ll need:

  • Beetle Armor Set
  • Solar Eruption
  • Possessed Hatchet
  • Flairon
  • The Eye of Cthulhu
  • Scourge of the Corruptor
  • Stardust Cell Staff
  • Stardust Dragon Staff

Pairing these weapons with Stardust Cell allows you to have consistent and controlled damage with non-piercing weapons. Although Stardust Dragon has more potential damage and a cool dragon, using it with a piercing weapon makes controlled damage a challenge.


Magic users are in luck, as their damage output is at its peak. Assuming you have the necessary Accessories to increase damage, the odds might not be stacked against you. Like the Melee Class, you have a variety of weapons to choose from based on your playstyle. As a master of the mystic arts, these items will carry you through this encounter!

These are what you’ll need:

  • Spectre Armor
  • Razorblade Typhoon
  • Nebula Blaze
  • Blizzard Staff
  • Stardust Dragon Staff

Switching between these recommended items is the key to defeating the Moon Lord. Razorblade Typhoon is essential for consistent damage as their mana consumption is manageable for continuous casting. For the later stages of the fight, switching to the Nebula Blaze for more DPS is advantageous after taking out all eyes to finish the Moon Lord. Be warned that Nebula Blaze chews through your mana considerably, so use it only when necessary. 

Blizzard Staff is a viable item to target the head eye of the boss when you decide to build the arena with a roof. The best Summoner item to pair with this loadout is the Stardust Dragon, as the Magic build has better-controlled damage due to the nature of the weapons.


Do you prefer guns and bows to challenge the Moon Lord? Well, the Ranger Class has all that you want! This Class has a more straightforward approach to its weapon choices. Your main DPS stems from the ammunition that you bring to the fight. But as much as your ammo is important, your weapon choice is as valuable to output the maximum damage.

  • Shroomite Armor
  • Vortex Beater
  • Phantasm
  • Endless Quiver
  • Chlorophyte Bullets

Vortex Beater is the king of Pre-Moon Lord guns, as its stats and effects are optimal. Aiming is a thing of the past! If you pair it up with Chlorophyte Bullets, your attacks will home in on your target. A neat part about this gun is that there’s a 66% chance of not consuming ammunition. With this effect, you don’t need to worry about running out of ammo in the thick of the fight. 

If bows are your preferred choice, the Phantasm is perfect for your needs! Like its gun counterpart, it also has a 66% chance of not consuming arrows. Paired up with an Endless Quiver, shooting this bow is a breeze! Pairing it with other arrows with debuffs to enemies is also viable as it will only consume one ammunition per four arrows shot, ensuring maximum damage.


As the Class might suggest, summoning minions to do your damage is the name of the game! Summoners are not limited to options on weapons they might want to utilize. Being able to use different weapons from other Classes is the true strength of a Summoner.

An optimal example for this Class is as follows:

  • Tiki Armor
  • Spooky Armor
  • Stardust Dragon Staff
  • Vortex Beater
  • Endless Musket Pouch

With this Class, Summoners can opt for more damage through Spooky Armor or defense and an extra minion with Tiki Armor. Either way, both are good options. As for a secondary weapon, any items from other Classes are viable to wield. The Class is not limited to just your summons, so take advantage of that ability to use another weapon while your minions deal consistent damage.


Equipment is a vital part of any Class, but so are Accessories! These items make the fight easier by granting stats or abilities to better tank, dodge, or damage the boss. 

You may use any combination of items to suit your playstyle. But this guide will discuss the Accessories that are optimal for the strategy that the guide will discuss later.

Main Accessories

These are the core items that are necessary for the Moon Lord fight:

  • Fishron Wings
  • Frostspark Boots
  • Ankh Shield
  • Cloud in a Balloon

It would be best if you went with Fishron Wings for wings, as it has the best stats against other alternatives. Frostspark Boots grant you much-needed movement speed to dodge and weave the boss’s attacks. Ankh Shield grants immunity to knockback, making it easier to bounce back when hit with any attack. Cloud in a Balloon allows you to double jump, which is useful for quick and precise air movement.

Apart from Fishron Wings and Frostspark Boots, you can replace these items with other Accessories to fit your playstyle for each Class.

Here are some examples of what Accessories you can utilize for each Class:


  • Celestial Cuffs
  • Celestial Emblem
  • Sorcerer’s Emblem
  • Mana Flower


  • Sniper Scope
  • Magic Quiver
  • Ranger Emblem
  • Destroyer Emblem


  • Papyrus Scarab
  • Necromantic Scroll
  • Hercules Beetle
  • Pygmy Necklace
  • Summoner Emblem

Defensive Options

Here are some defensive options to consider when preparing:

  • Frozen Turtle Shell
  • Worm Scarf
  • Master Ninja Gear

Mixing and matching your Accessories is key to finding your playstyle when you challenge this boss. Although some items are more useful than others, it’s a matter of preference in this part of preparation.



You’ll need all the help you can get! Potions are the best way to increase stats when Accessories are not enough. There are essential Potions needed for maximum survival and some class specific to increase your damage and utility.

Here are the essential Potions for your character:

  • Ironskin Potion
  • Lifeforce Potion
  • Regeneration Potion
  • Endurance Potion
  • Swiftness Potion
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Super Healing Potion

Class-specific Potions are important too! Here are your options:


  • Flask of Cursed Flames


  • Mana Regeneration Potion
  • Magic Power Potion
  • Super Mana Potion


  • Ammo Reservation Potion
  • Archery Potion


  • Summoning Potion
  • Rage Potion
  • Wrath Potion
player with furniture


Potions are not the only things that give buffs; some furniture can also give you the boost you’ll need! Here are some to consider placing:

  • Ammo Box
  • Crystal Ball
  • Sharpening Station
  • Bewitching Table


player in arena
Arena for Moon Lord

Lastly, and most importantly, the stage where you will duel this boss. The arena will make or break your fight with the Moon Lord. This part of preparation is the simplest to set up as you will only need a considerable amount of flat land to start.

Here are the steps to set up the arena:

  1. Flatten a large area that is at least 300 blocks wide.
  2. Cover the flat surface with Asphalt.
  3. Place a row of platforms across the surface 35 blocks above.
  4. Ten blocks above the platforms, Place a two-block thick row of ceiling. (you may use any block that you desire)
  5. Place Campfires and other buff items across the arena. (refer to furniture section)

Setting this up is a requirement, as it will make your fight consistent and easier than just summoning it straight without an arena.


Grab everything you have and gather your forces; it’s time to face the beast. After an exhausting amount of preparation, this means nothing if you do not have a strategy when fighting the Moon Lord. 

For reference, refer to the Overview for its attack patterns, as it will be essential for discussing strategy.

Pre-True Eye of Cthulhu Strategy

player fighting moon lord
Pre-True Eye of Cthulhu Fight

The boss starts with three eyes when summoned. These are your main targets to progress the fight. The attack patterns are consistent for the most part, so memorizing when he will launch each attack is vital for survival.

The first few attacks come in the form of Phantasmal Eyes on the left hand, then Phantasmal Spheres launch in a straight line on the same hand. While the attack pattern plays, Phantasmal Bolts will launch with the right hand. After this cycle, the boss spawns Phantasmal Eyes with the right hand. The head eye will now open and attack with a Phantasmal Deathray as the hand eyes attack with the same pattern.

Dodging the Spheres is as simple as running against the direction of the hand that spawns the attack. As it can only move downward, flying over the projectiles is your best way to dodge. Like the Spheres, the Eyes can only go downward, but you can counter it by standing at the surface as it will explode on contact. You also have to account for the Bolts fired by the other eye. Learning the timing is essential to reduce the damage taken.

After the first cycle of the three attacks, the second round will add a Deathray while the three attacks initiate. This is when the ceiling comes to play, as it will block the ray from hitting you. The head eye will shoot three rays while the hands will cycle with the same attacks.

After the Deathray cycle, it will finish with Bolts while the hands spawn their attacks quicker than usual. After that set is done, it will cycle the whole attack pattern again.

While all this is happening, he will attack you with a Tentacle that will link to you. It will spawn every few seconds. This’ll negate any life steal or regeneration from items and Armor sets for 14 seconds (16 in Expert Mode). It’ll also spawn Moon Leech Clots that travel from the player to the Moon Lord, healing him for 1000 health per Clot. 

True Eye of Cthulhu Strategy

player fighting moon lord
True Eye of Cthulhu

Defeating any of the Eyes on the head or both hands results in spawning the True Eye of Cthulhu. This enemy has its own set of attacks and is invincible to damage, making the fight more difficult. Note that the eye socket of the respective part that has been defeated will inflict melee damage.

It starts by shooting Bolts at you, and after that, it will form Spheres that the enemy will launch downwards toward you. For the next attack, Cthulhu will spin around and spawn Eyes that will target you. After every Eye has been destroyed, it will cast a Deathray at the current position the player is at. The last of the attack cycle will be another round of Spheres. Once this pattern has been completed, it will cycle through these attacks until the Moon Lord is defeated.

The real challenge is that all True Eyes of Cthulhu are invincible to damage and can’t be killed until the boss is defeated. Juggling multiple attack cycles is quite the task, even if you have memorized its patterns. This is where the movement Accessories come into play. The Cloud in a Balloon will provide the much-needed double jump to dodge the Spheres that Cthulhu will fire as it will be clumped up instead of a straight line.

The optimal strategy to make the fight manageable is to time when to spawn the other True Eyes of Cthulhu. It is recommended that you defeat it right after a Cthulhu has finished its attack cycle to match the timing of its attacks. Once all of it spawns and has matching attack timings, the fight will be easier.

Spawning all the Eyes of Cthulhu will trigger the boss to expose its core. At this point, that’s the only thing you need to focus on to defeat the Moon Lord finally. It’s all a matter of dodging and timing your movement to dodge attacks.

Post Moon Lord

The beast has been slain! And you’re now in the endgame of Terraria! What’s a victory without the spoils of war? The boss is very generous with its rewards, making it a worthwhile effort.

These are what to expect after the fight:

ItemDrop Rate
Super Healing Potion100%
Greater Healing Potion100%
Moon Lord Trophy10%
Treasure Bag (Expert and Classic Mode)100%
Gravity Globe (Expert and Classic Mode)100%
Suspicious Looking Tentacle (Expert and Classic Mode)100%
Celestial Starboard (Expert and Classic Mode)100%
Moon Lord Mask (Expert and Classic Mode)14.29%
Star Wrath22.2%
Last Prism22.2%
Lunar Flare22.2%
Rainbow Crystal Staff22.2%
Lunar Portal Staff22.2%
Celebration MK222.2%
Portal Gun100% (When not in inventory)
Meowmere Minecart10%
Piece of Moon Squid (Mater Mode)25%
Moon Lord Relic (Master Mode)100%
Moon Lord Drops


The battle may be an arduous and painful fight to set up and initiate, but this is what the apex of Terraria demands in its grand finale. To be the best, you need to prepare and strategize. Of course, you will suffer failure, especially on the first few tries. But don’t be discouraged; this is all part of the Terraria experience. You are guaranteed to have bragging rights once you’ve defeated this powerful enemy. So what are you waiting for? Grab your weapons and get to work for glory!

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