Terraria: How to Get Platinum (Easy) | Full Guide 2023


Do you want to gather Platinum in Terraria but don't know where to look? Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, we'll help you increase your chances of finding this precious item. Read more, and we'll tell you everything you need to know!

Platinum Blocks in Terraria

Platinum is one of the primary ores in the early game of Terraria. This valuable resource is essential for crafting fourth-tier equipment and tools to help you level up your gameplay. With this material, you can unlock the potential to create powerful items to help you progress in the game.

Obtaining its ores can be challenging since you must venture under the surface or above ground. So, successful mining relies on strategy, exploration, and luck. Keep reading this comprehensive guide; we’ll reveal this valuable material’s locations and spawning points! 

What is Platinum in Terraria?

Platinum is a rare ore beloved by Terraria players as it enables them to create items that help them advance in the game. Its versatility allows you to craft Bricks and the Spelunker Potion. Additionally, smelting them into bars using the Furnace will enable you to create a wide range of armor, furniture, accessories, tools, and weapons.

Where to Find Platinum In Terraria?

To acquire Platinum in Terraria, you must equip yourself with the essential tools for mining, such as Pickaxes and Drills. Additionally, you can use Mining Potion and Spelunker Potion to spot and get this valuable material. See the list below to learn more: 


The Underground is the first and largest layer below the Surface and has a distinctive brown backdrop. This layer is predominantly of dirt, but you can also find Silt, Clay, Ores, and even low-tier gems as you dig deeper. Keep an eye out for Platinum, as this precious material can be found here and mined using the mentioned tools.


The Cavern is below the Underground and extends towards the Underworld. This layer is adorned with a darker stone backdrop and is mainly composed of Stone blocks where you can find Underground Cabins and mini-biomes. It’s also rich in resources such as ores, gems, and chests that contain valuable items.

To mine Platinum in the Cavern, you must explore and dig tunnels throughout this layer. Make sure to equip yourself with the essential tools to dig through the domain and acquire this valuable ore. To speed up your search, consider using helpful potions to boost your mining abilities.

Floating Islands

Floating Islands containing Platinum in Terraria

Floating Islands in Terraria are elevated landmasses found high above the Surface. Exploring the upper regions of your world using Wings, Gravitation, or Teleportation Potions can help you locate these structures. Then, you can fish for Sky Crates in Floating Lakes, find them in Skyware Chests, or mine them on the island to get Platinum.

See the table below on how many islands there are and the approximate height of Floating Islands on different Map Sizes:

Map SizeHeightMaximum number of Islands
Small125 to 300 tiles250 to 300 ft.3
Medium225 to 400 tiles450 to 800 ft.5
Large325 to 600 tiles650 to 1200 ft.6

Note: If you don’t have any Wings, you can reach the Floating Island by building a staircase made from wood platforms or using rope to go up. You can also use Hooks to propel yourself upward by grabbing onto the high structures you’ve created. 


All in-game Fishing Crates

Acquiring Platinum in Terraria is challenging due to its rarity, but you’re not limited to Mining. You can also get this material from fishing Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode Crates, which have drop rates of 1.79% and 0.89%, respectively, in all modes. However, they have a 5% chance of appearing in Golden Crates and a 2.5% chance in Titanium Crates.

See the Table below for the list of Hardmode and Pre-Hardmode Crates’ fishing locations:

Pre-Hardmode CratesHardmode CratesSpawning Points
CorruptDefiledCorruption biome
CrimsonHematicCrimson biome
DungeonStockadeDungeon after defeating Skeletron
FrozenBorealIce & Snow biome
GoldenTitaniumAny biome and layer
OceanSeasideOcean biome
SkyAzureFloating Lakes in Space

Defeat Slimes

Slimes in Terraria

Did you know that Slimes not only hold banners and coins? They also have valuable treasures, including the coveted ore you’re after. As you kill these enemies, keep a close eye on certain Slimes with a 5% chance of dropping bonus items.

Check out the table below to know what type of Slimes have bonus drops:

SlimeBonus Drop ItemQuantity
• Green
• Red
• Blue
• Yellow
• Purple
• Black
• Baby
• Jungle
• Pinky
Platinum Ore (3.125% drop rate in all modes)3 to 13 pieces

Other Ways to Get Platinum

If you’re having a hard time acquiring this item in Terraria through Mining, you can craft it yourself by following this recipe in the table:

ItemIngredientsCrafting Station
Platinum OreGold Ore (1)
Cobalt Ore (1)
Chlorophyte Extractinator (via conversion)
Shimmer (tossing the item to the liquid)

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