Terraria: Wormhole Potion Not Working Fix (Easy Guide 2023)


Are you having a hard time using the Wormhole Potion in Terraria? If you're in a Multiplayer session, the item will come in handy, letting you stay close to your friends. Let's fix that problem by reading this guide!

The Wormhole Potion in Terraria from the Player's Inventory.

Conquering bosses in Terraria can be challenging, but the journey gets more enjoyable when you team up with friends. It’s important to be prepared during your encounter with a boss. If you find yourself or a friend meeting an untimely end, particularly when the boss is a distance away, getting back into the fray becomes a top priority.

That is where the Wormhole Potions come into play. If you’re not familiar with how to use this potion for teleportation, we’ve got you covered with helpful instructions!

What is a Wormhole Potion?

The Wormhole Potion grants you the ability to teleport to your team members. It’s valuable in multiplayer encounters against bosses, especially when restricted to a particular area like the Wall of Flesh battle. 

Fallen comrades can reenter the fray upon revival, but make sure they’re positioned close to the boss. Wormhole Potions have a chance to appear as drops from Pots and Slimes, but this only happens in multiplayer mode. 

You don’t actually need other players to be online for these potions to drop. Simply choose the multiplayer option, host the game, and you’ll be able to gather those potions for yourself.

Alternatively, gather 3 Bottled Water, 1 Specular Fish, and 1 Blinkroot, then combine them on an Alchemy Table or Placed Bottle. Wormhole Potions might surprise you as a bonus drop from Slimes, and solo players can craft it in single-player mode.

How to Use the Wormhole Potion in Terraria

Several players encountered an issue where their Minimap vanishes from their display. Not only were they unable to teleport using a potion, but it also failed them, even if they tried dropping it. 

To add to the frustration, hitting the teleport button yielded no results.

If you find that the Wormhole Potion isn’t working,  keep in mind that it only lets you teleport to your teammates, and the teleport will show up in a status message. If your Minimap is disabled, you can’t use Wormhole Potions. 

To get this done, open up the full-screen map (press “M” on the keyboard, “Start” on a PC controller, “Select” on PlayStation, “Back” on Xbox, and  “Minus” on Nintendo Switch). Once the map is open, locate the friend you wish to teleport to and tap on their icon.

Wormhole Potion

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