Terraria: 3 Easy Ways to Stop the Corruption


How to Stop the Corruption in Terraria? That’s one of many issues players are facing in the game since its release. In this guide, we’ve prepared three ways you can try!

Corruption biome in Terraria

Every world in Terraria has different biomes, and one of them is Corruption. It’s an evil you must eliminate, as the Dryad described. For that, we’ll help you do just that.

What is the Corruption Biome?

Prompting up a new world in Terraria will let you choose between Crimson and Corruption as of the 1.2 update. If you choose the latter, you’ll face the Eater of Worlds and have access to biome-exclusive items.


  • Monsters in this biome have lower health, defense, and damage.
  • Most tools and weapons offer an advantage for swift and agile attacks in battle.


  • Most tools and weapons are weaker than those from the Crimson biome, which will be disadvantageous against Hardmode bosses.
  • The Corruption biome’s terrain is more challenging because of the chasms you may fall into.

How to Stop the Corruption in Terraria

In this guide, we’re providing three known ways to stop Corruption from getting out of control. These are:

Contain and Quarantine

The player digging Hellevators in Terraria

Containing and quarantining the Corruption in Pre-Hardmode is necessary to keep your base safe and preserve essential materials. Otherwise, leaving the biome unchecked can lead to severe consequences, such as driving away NPCs and corrupting normal blocks.

Make sure to follow these steps to contain, quarantine, and eventually stop the Corruption in Terraria:

Step 1. Prepare and Gather Materials

Before starting, you should bring something in your Inventory that will increase your survivability while in the Corruption. We recommend stocking up on the following items to help you dig and escape from the tunnels you’ll make:

Digging ToolsMolten Pickaxe (best in Pre-Hardmode); If Wall of Flesh is defeated, Drills are perfect.
ConsumablesShine Potion, Obsidian Skin Potion, Mining Potion, Slice of Cake
AccessoriesAny Hook, Climbing Claws, Wings (in Hardmode), Ropes, and Rope Coils (optional)
MountsIf Wings aren’t acquired, bring Mounts that reduce or negate fall damage. Some items in Pre-Hardmode are Fuzzy Carrot, Honeyed Goggles, Mollusk Whistle, Slimy Saddle, and Pogo Stick.
WeaponsTo focus fully on the digging part, Ballista, Explosive Trap, and Flameburst Sentries are good. Imp Staff is the best you can get in Pre-Hardmode.

Step 2. Make Vertical and Horizontal Tunnels

After gearing up, choose what area you want to protect, like the Jungle or your base. To physically contain the evil biome from getting to these areas, you must dig six tiles wide Hellevators that reach the Underworld. Also, dig vertical tunnels surrounding these areas’ perimeter to keep the Corrupted tiles from infecting the blocks.

Once you see an infection, dig downwards immediately and match the number of vertical tunnels depending on the spread. Create Horizontal tunnels after defeating the Wall of Flesh in Terraria because it’ll automatically speed up the infection. Even better, do the hard work before facing the final Pre-Hardmode boss.

Lastly, you can place non-corruptible tiles over the six exposed blocks on the tunnel’s edges. Another option is to leave a 5-7 block barrier that will stick out from the tunnel to prevent thorns from growing. However, you must cover all ceilings, walls, and any exposed bottom sides of grass to stop infection.

Purify Using Green Solution

The player using the Terraformer and Green Solution in Terraria

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, your Corruption biome will generate V-shape strips and spread more rapidly throughout your Terraria world. It would be best to start preparing for World Conversion to stop it from taking over. See the steps below to learn how you can Purify Corruption:

Step 1: Get NPCs

Spawn the following NPCs to purify your world from Corruption. The Dryad will tell you the infection percentage in your world. On the other hand, the Steampunker will sell you two of the most critical pieces of equipment needed to purify your evil biomes.

See the table below on what you’ll need to spawn these two NPCs in Terraria:

DryadEye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron, or Lepus in 3DS version
SteampunkerAny mechanical boss (Destroyer, Twins, or Skeletron Prime)

Step 2: Gather Equipment

ItemFunctionHow to Get
ClentaminatorCreate or destroy biomes by spreading chosen solutions to 60 blocks.Buy from the Steampunker for 2 Platinum Coins.
TerraformerSame function as Clentaminator, but reaches 95 blocks.Defeat the Moon Lord first then throw the Clentaminator to the Shimmer.
Green SolutionPurifies Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow. Best used with Clentaminator or Terraformer.Buy from the Steampunker for 15 Silver Coins.
Biome Sight PotionSee all evil biome spread (including Corruption) for five minutesBring Bottled Water (1), Blinkroot (1), Moonglow (1), Fireblossom (1), and Grass Seeds (5) at an Alchemy Table or Placed Bottle.

Step 3: Go to Your Hellevators

After creating tunnels in Step 2 of Way #1 to contain the evil biome’s spread during Pre-hardmode, you can proceed to purification upon entering Hardmode. Utilize the Horizontal and Vertical shafts you’ve constructed to aid your progress and continue to make more of them. However, you must be mindful of what weapon you’ll choose to rid your Terraria world of Corruption to aid your success.

If you use the Clentaminator, you must create the Hellevators 120 tiles away from each other since they can only reach 60 tiles. On the other hand, if you want to use the Terraformer, dig them 190 tiles apart because it can spray up to 95 blocks. Remembering this tip will help you avoid digging unnecessary tunnels and ensure you can spray all the blocks. 

Step 4: Purify with Green Solution

After gathering the necessary equipment and creating your Hellevators, you can purify the evil biomes. To do this, choose between the Terraformer or Clentaminator to spray the Green Solution on Corrupted blocks.

Once you have Green Solutions, Weapons, and have consumed the Biome Sight Potion, you’re ready to purify and stop the Corruption in Terraria. For the Vertical Hellevator, spray the solution on your left and right one at a time until you carefully reach the bottom. On the other hand, you must spread the same solution on the floor and ceiling of the Horizontal shafts.  

After spraying all of the Corrupt blocks through the tunnels you made, you must also purify the evil biomes on the surface. Then, ask the Dryad for the Corruption percentage left in your world. If you clear 100% of the infected tiles, you’ll receive the Good Riddance Achievement.

Use Rocket Launchers or Explosives

The player using Rocket Launchers in Terraria

Once you reach Hardmode, the evil biomes will spread more aggressively. Therefore you need to find faster ways to stop it from overtaking your world. You can use Bombs or Rocket Launchers to create the Hellevator. Be mindful, though, that this method will make your world messy.

Step 1: Get Rocket Launchers or Explosives

Sticky Dynamites are the best if you’re trying to stop the Corruption in Pre-Hardmode. You can buy a Dynamite from the Demolitionist for 20 Silver Coins each. Combining it with Gel will result in its sticky form.

However, if you’re in Hardmode, Rocket Launchers are far superior options. Here’s our recommendation (note that all of them don’t destroy tiles even if you’re using certain rockets):

ItemUse TimeHow to Get
Snowman Cannon15 (Very Fast)Drops upon defeating Ice Queen (4.44% to 7.78% in Classic; 15.55% to 31.11% in Expert & Master)
Celebration30 (Average)Buy from the Party Girl for 80 Gold Coins
Celebration MK26 (Insanely Fast)Drops upon defeating Moon Lord or its Treasure Bag (22.2%)

Here are the best ammunitions to use:

NameHow to Get
Rocket IIBuy from the Cyborg for 2 Silver Coins & 50 Copper Coins
Rocket IVBuy from the Cyborg for 5 Silver Coins
Cluster Rocket IIBuy from the Cyborg for 15 Silver Coins
Mini-Nuke IIBring Rocket IV (100) and Shroomite Bar (1) at the Autohammer

Additionally, if you don’t use the CelebrationMK2, we recommend equipping the following ammunition with other Rocket Launchers. The Mini-Nuke II can destroy blocks quicker than the Shroomite Digging Claw and Drill Containment Unit. Meanwhile, Cluster Rocket II can shoot out shrapnel from its secondary explosion, destroying additional tiles that can help you dig faster.

Step 2: Make Vertical Tunnels or Hellevators

After getting any of the items mentioned, you can start making Trenches or Hellevators to quarantine or destroy Corruption. Just strap on some wings or elevate yourself before firing on the ground below. Also, make sure to keep your distance to avoid getting blasted. 

Step 3: Clean Up

After using Explosives or Rocket Launchers, your vertical and horizontal tunnels will be messy and uneven. Therefore, we suggest you tidy up your pit in a six-tile fashion, as mentioned in Ways #1 and #2. You can do this by evenly lining your walls, floor, and ceilings with incorruptible tiles.


Stopping the Corruption in your Terraria world takes patience – a lot. But in the end, we’re confident you can do it for better gameplay.

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