Terraria Blend-O-Matic: How to Get (easy) | Full Guide 2023


Do you need help finding the Blend-O-Matic in Terraria? Wanting to craft the special block that enhances your movement speed? Read this guide to get started!

The Blend-O-Matic crafting station in Terraria
Blend-O-Matic in Terraria

Some Terraria players use Asphalt Blocks in their vast arena to battle countless bosses. While it’s optional – and you’re always good to go in Classic – we can’t say the same for Master and Expert Mode. That’s why this guide will teach you everything about its crafting station – the Blend-o-Matic.

Blend-O-Matic – Explained

The Blend-O-Matic is a crafting station in Terraria for making Asphalt Blocks, granting you enhanced speed when traversed. Moreover, walking on Asphalt Blocks also reduces the time it takes for you to come to a stop. 

Acceleration becomes even more potent when combined with other speed-boosting items like the Hermes Boots. Remember that this only affects players running directly on the Asphalt Blocks, leaving enemies, NPCs, and critters unaffected.

The player running on a normal block and Asphalt Block.
Notice the speed difference between two block types

When you run on said blocks, you can achieve an impressive top speed of 53 mph by accelerating for around three seconds. This is a significant difference compared to the usual maximum running speed of 15 mph.

Such swiftness makes these blocks valuable for various purposes, from constructing Skybridges for collecting Fallen Stars to creating Arenas for Hardmode Terraria bosses.

If you’re aiming for better movement and strategic benefits, acquiring the Blend-O-Matic is a must!

Acquiring the Blend-O-Matic

Once he’s present, you can buy the Blend-o-Matic from the Steampunker for 10 Gold Coins. To acquire the NPC, you must defeat at least one of three Mechanical Bosses in Terraria. We strongly advise targeting either the Destroyer or the Skeletron Prime.

The Destroyer is a mechanical worm with varying health that doesn’t split into smaller segments – unlike its Pre-Hardmode counterpart. It shoots lasers if there’s space and releases Probes to attack when a part is destroyed. You can easily counter this enemy by equipping any piercing weapon or high DPS. 

Alternatively, you can go against Skeletron Prime – a more agile version of the Pre-Hardmode Skeletron. If the mechanical boss isn’t defeated before the night ends, it’ll target and likely kill you in one hit before despawning.

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