Terraria: How to Farm Hallowed Mimics (Easy) | Full Guide 2023


Do you want to know where to find a Hallowed Mimic in Terraria? They’re pretty dodgy, but this short guide will help you. We’ll also reveal its contents once you’ve defeated the creature!

The player fighting a Hallowed Mimic in Terraria

Hardmode Terraria is full of entities that will try to stomp you, making it seem like Pre-Hardmode. If you don’t know what to do, you should farm Hallowed Mimics to prepare your new weapons to progress. Scroll down to learn more.

What is a Hallowed Mimic in Terraria?

This unique enemy belongs to a family of monsters disguised as a Chest related to its environment. Specifically, the Hallowed version appears pink and blue painted, distinct from other variants. Moreover, it’s typically larger than regular chests, so spotting them is easy.

Comparing a Hallowed Mimic to most Pre-Hardmode bosses in Terraria reveals that the former can be deadlier to face if unprepared. However, it’s easier to counter because of its repetitive behavior. All you have to do is move a lot, preferably using a fast-moving mount.

Upon death, the Hallowed Mimic will drop various tools and weapons beneficial for your progression. We’ll reveal the contents later!

How and Where to Find the Hallowed Mimic?

Once you defeat the Wall of Flesh and enter Hardmode, Hallowed Mimics will rarely spawn in the Underground Hallow. Thankfully, if you’re traversing the biome and have the Lifeform Analyzer, you’ll know if the monster’s nearby. You can use a Hunter Potion to aid your vision further, highlighting the enemy in red.

Alternatively, insert a Key of Light in any empty Chest to manually spawn the monster. To craft the item, stand near a Work Bench with 15 Souls of Light. Note that almost every Underground Hallow enemy will yield the Soul of Light, albeit uncommonly.

We recommend gathering materials to bring the Hallowed Mimic to your base rather than going underground. Finding a naturally-spawned one will take longer than having Souls of Light in your Inventory.


Did you know that the goodies from this Mimic are excellent choices for easy Hardmode progression? Specifically, ranged and hybrid magic users benefit a lot from its loot! Speaking of which, here are all of them:

1. Daedalus Stormbow

A regular bow in Terraria fires an arrow at point-blank range. However, the Daedalus Stormbow rains hell from the sky! We consider the weapon the latest upgrade from Pre-Hardmode ones. Also, you can use it to defeat the Queen Slime and all three mechanical bosses, as they move a lot! So equip your Magic Quiver and multi-piercing arrows to succeed!

2. Illuminant Hook

The Illuminant Hook provides vertical mobility essential if you don’t have Wings. Whether you’re going to Sky Lakes or Hellevators, you’re sure you won’t take fall damage or die. It’s a decent upgrade to have three hooks out simultaneously!

3. Flying Knife

Why go out in the open when you can control a tiny projectile to defeat monsters while you’re protected on the inside? 

The Flying Knife makes everything easy if you want to farm Coins on invasions and events. Hold the weapon in your hotbar and move your cursor. The best part? It pierces enemies. Don’t use it against tanky enemies, though. Better weapons exist for that.

4. Crystal Vile Shard

The Crystal Vile Shard’s specialty is similar to the Flying Knife – deleting enemies quickly without exposing yourself to the threat. But since it’s a magic-based weapon, you’ll need tons of Mana Potions.

With a proper armor set and accessories, you can defeat the Destroyer and most large crowds of enemies with a couple of clicks.

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