Terraria: How to Use Console Commands (Full Guide 2023)


Always starting a Multiplayer game but don't know how to activate the command console in Terraria? This short guide will help you with just that, with all the in-game commands you can use!

Terraria Console Command

Terraria can transition from being fun to a captivating obsession, particularly when exploring custom servers that offer endless possibilities. Setting up one is a straightforward process, enabling you to personalize the game to your liking and create a world where your adventures never cease, inviting friends to join you.

With console commands, you can easily adjust your server and manage players, allowing you to control your digital realm efficiently. These commands come in handy when you’re ready to wrap things up.

Remember, you have to be the host to wield this power!

How to Activate the Console Command

Unlike other games, you won’t have to jump through hoops to activate the feature. 

Be it with friends or randoms in multiplayer, you can boss the game by typing in some cool commands. Just pop a forward slash before your text, and you’re good to go!

Console Commands on PC

When you fire up your new Terraria server, there are some super cool commands you can play around with to tweak those rules and settings just the way you like them!

Terraria Console Commands

Console CommandAction
helpDisplays a command list
playingDisplays a list of players currently in the session. You can achieve the same result by typing /playing in chat.
clearClears the console window
exitStore data and turn off the server
exit-nosaveShuts down the server without saving
saveSaves the game
kickRemoves someone from the session
banPrevents a person from accessing the server
passwordDisplays the server password
passwordChanges the server password
versionDisplays the version number
timeDisplays the current game time
portShows the listening port
maxplayersDisplays the maximum number of players allowed
saySends a yellow text message from the server name to every player.
motdShows the message of the day
motdChanges the message of the day
dawnSets the time to 4:30 AM
noonSets the time to 12:00 PM
duskSets the time to 7:30 PM
midnightSets the time to 12:00 AM
settleSettles all water in the game world

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