Terraria: How to Fish in Lava (Easy) | Full Guide 2023


Can’t fish in Lava in Terraria? We know how frustrating it is. That’s why this guide will help you do that to catch what you want!

The player discovering how to fish in Lava in Terraria

For many Terraria players, fishing is something they’ll do once and never consider repeating in the future. It’s acceptable, as you can be anyone in the game, be it an adventurer or builder. Yet, passing the opportunity means not getting access to some unique items caught in the waters – or Lava.

If you already know how to fish in Terraria, congratulations! You’re also most likely to be aware that the Angler has several rewarding quests to fetch him unique fish everywhereBut what if you need to catch something in the Underworld? This article serves as a guide to help you fish in the Lava!

Three Ways to Fish in Lava

If you’re in the earliest stage of Pre-Hardmode Terraria, we don’t recommend traversing deep into the Underworld. Enemies like Demons and Imps are way more powerful for your gear to handle. Not to mention the Bone Serpent that can phase through solid blocks, so you’re not safe even if you hole up!

Instead, we recommend having as powerful gear as the Crimson or Shadow armor set. Of course, you can upgrade it into Molten or Obsidian armor – as they’re both late Pre-Hardmode equipment. Moreover, consider the following items when you’re traversing the infernal biome:

  • Any Hook that allows you to ascend or descend 
  • Flight and Mobility Accessories. Combining them in the Tinkerer’s Workshop is ideal
  • Mounts that negate fall damage
  • Obsidian Skin Potion, Obsidian Rose, Obsidian Skull, or their combinations and upgrades to prevent lava contact damage
  • Platforms
  • Sentries and Minions

Now that you have those items, it’s noteworthy that fishing in Lava is impossible unless you have the following:

1. Underworld Critters or Baits

2. Hotline Fishing Hook 

3. Lavaproof Fishing Hook

Even if you use a Wooden Pole – a fishing rod with the weakest Fishing Power in Terraria – you can still fish in Lava. You only need at least one of them to get started.

Underworld Critters or Baits

Back to Pre-Hardmode, if you have the means to survive in the Underworld, you can start catching Critters. Note that you must use a Golden Bug Net or a Lavaproof Bug Net. Using the regular Bug Net will inflict you the On Fire! debuff, which reduces your HP per second.

You can obtain the Golden Bug Net by completing Angler’s fishing quests, with a 1.25% drop rate. Meanwhile, combining a Bug Net and 15 Hellstone Bars at a Hellforge will yield a Lavaproof Bug Net.

Here are all the critters from the Underworld that you can use to fish in Lava in Terraria:

NameFishing PowerFind in
Hell Butterfly25%Anywhere, anytime.
Lavafly25%Anywhere, nighttime.
Magma Snail35%Anywhere, anytime. Make sure to have platforms so they’re accessible when they spawn.

Hotline Fishing Hook

Consider an upgrade if you have the Mechanic’s Rod, Fleshcatcher, or the Fisher of Souls in Terraria. You can obtain the Hotline Fishing Hook by completing 25 fishing quests from the Angler. After that, you have a 1.33% chance of receiving it as a reward for every successful catch!

Casting the Hotline Fishing Hook in Lava, regardless of your bait, will get you that Flarefin Koi or Obsidifish for Potions!

Lavaproof Fishing Hook

The third way to fish in Lava is by equipping the Lavaproof Fishing Hook accessory. It’s pretty rare, as you can acquire it by opening Obsidian Crates in Pre-Hardmode and Hellstone Crates in Hardmode Terraria. If it’s your first time going for the Lavaproof Fishing Hook, we recommend enhancing your Fishing Power.

You can also upgrade the Lavaproof Fishing Hook into a Lavaproof Tackle Bag later in the game, providing:

  • +10% Fishing Power
  • Fishing Line will never break
  • Can fish in Lava
  • Chance not to consume the bait

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