How to Get Abeemination in Terraria | Full Guide 2022


Itching to defeat the Queen Bee in Terraria? Start by getting the Abeemination first. Read this complete guide to obtain the boss summon item and prepare for the fight!

The Queen Bee is one of many pre-Hardmode bosses. Defeating the monstrosity is unnecessary, but it unlocks the Witch Doctor NPC. 

The Witch Doctor is known for its important shop wares that you can benefit significantly from. One of them is Pylons – a placeable object that allows you to teleport from any biomes. Of course, there are several more valuable items, granted you’re done contending the Queen Bee.

But to even begin the long journey, it’s vital to spawn the boss itself. The available way is through breaking the Larva inside Beehives. Alternatively, you can opt to summon the abomination with an Abeemination. What’s the item, and how to get it? We’ll discuss everything below.

Abeemination – Overview

The Abeemination is a Boss summon item for the Queen Bee. It works in the Jungle surface or Underground Jungle exclusively. From standards, the material is the only handcrafted out of several objects with similar functions.

Since Hive Blocks are scarce, fighting the Queen Bee is limited per world. Exceptions include creating a Journey Mode character where research and duplication are possible. The same goes for the Celebrationmk10 world seed, where a Jungle Mimic’s stuff cannon attack (drops the block).

How to Get the Abeemination?

Crafting is solely the way of obtaining the summon. With your hands, you’ll need the following items:

  • Bottled Honey (1)
  • Hive (5)
  • Honey Block (5)
  • Stinger (1)

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