How to Acquire Inferno Fork in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Do you want a solid AoE weapon that finishes off multiple enemies at a single use? You should get the Inferno Fork in Terraria. We'll help you get the item and discuss everything in this guide!

In Terraria, it’s fairly common to encounter vast waves of enemies closing the distance. It’ll always be a challenge to fend them all off with a weak weapon, not to mention the damage you might get.

It’s always challenging to take your time to conquer every hostile on-screen. But with the Inferno Fork, you’ll have better odds. Read this guide about the magic weapon to discover its effects. We’ll also reveal how you can get the item!

Inferno Fork – Overview

The Inferno Fork is a magic weapon that becomes available upon defeating Plantera on Hardmode. Note that it’s not a melee weapon, albeit looking like one. It only fires a slightly slow-moving fireball which deals damage upon contact. Afterward, it’ll explode into a cloud of fire that lasts for a second. The Hellfire debuff is also inflicted in the process.

Because of Inferno Fork’s characteristics, it’s possible to easily and quickly delete an entire wave of enemies. It can even damage them behind impenetrable solid walls. Moreover, it’s proven to defeat The Destroyer efficiently with the right skill. However, using it underwater can be tricky as projectiles travel slower than usual.

Robbing the Grave is an achievement you’ll get for obtaining this rare item from an enemy in the post-Plantera dungeon.

How to Get the Inferno Fork

Diabolists found in the post-Plantera dungeon are the only source of getting the magic weapon. There’s a 5% chance on a Normal playthrough and 7.38% on its Expert counterpart. 

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