How to Get Pink Ice in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Do you want to get Pink Ice in Terraria? It's a long journey ahead and requires a lot of patience. Start acquiring the unique block by reading this short guide!

Do you want to get Pink Ice in Terraria? It’s a long journey ahead. Start acquiring the unique block by reading this short guide!

The world of Terraria itself holds different and unique secrets you’ll discover upon hours of gameplay. We won’t elaborate on each, but there are exceptionally advantageous features, useful glitches, and more. It’s one of many reasons why the game is undeniably everlasting among players.

One secret – a Hardmode block known as the Pink Ice – is an example. Since regular Ice is usually blue, it’s unusual to see a different color from the spectrum.

It’s possible to get the unique Pink Ice in Terraria, and we’ll teach you how with this guide.

Pink Ice – Overview

The Pink Ice is nothing short of regular colored Ice in pink hues. It’s possible when the Hallow spreads to the Ice biome, resulting in such formation as this rare block. It’s easy to collect and is mainly used for decorative purposes.

Understanding and Spreading the Hallow

From a pre-Hardmode perspective, there’s only the Corruption and the Crimson. These unique biomes spread towards other types and are usually hard to control. After defeating the Wall of Flesh, you’ll enter the Harmode. It’s where the Hallow becomes available.

Eventually, the Hallow will overtake an Ice biome, where it’ll convert regular Ice into its Pink counterpart. To speed up the spreading, you can do the following:

  • Place Pearlstones and Pearlsand near other corruptible blocks.
  • Plant Hallowed Seeds to create and spread Hallowed Grass on Dirt.

Collecting Pink Ice

You don’t need any fancy Pickaxe or Drill to acquire the block. Any type will do! However, the gathering speed will be faster with better equipment. Alternatively, using any explosives is better as collecting becomes easier.

Item Upgrades

Aside from decorative purposes, Pink Ice can be used to craft furniture items. These are:

ItemMaterialsCrafting Station
Hallowed TorchPink Ice Block (1)
Torch (3)
Ice TorchPink Ice Block (1)
Torch (3)

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