Terraria Water Candle: How to Get, Uses, and More


Do you love using your weapons in Terraria? Do you always hunger for battle? The Water Candle might be the solution! Read this FULL guide to know more about the item!

A Terraria world without monsters brings tediousness and resource limits, especially for rare items. As an adventure game, actual progress is achievable by slaying countless monstrosities and bosses. It’s what makes the famous title enjoyable, after all.

But since acquiring overpowered items usually came from hostiles, it’s sensible to encounter them more often. Unfortunately, there’s no way to give commands for endless hordes of Goblins or Zombies. Mods may be the quick solution, but the Water Candle is the best if you want to play clean.

In this item guide, you’ll learn everything about the Water Candle. We’ll include different ways to capitalize on the special material and how to get it in the first place.

Water Candle – Overview

This item is a piece of furniture and a light source in Terraria. It’s a remarkable tool for farming unique items for profitability and collection.

The Water Candle ups the spawn rate of enemies and critters by 35% in combat and looting. For on-screen enemies, there’s a 50% buff up. The effect’s called the Water Candle debuff, and you must select it from your Hotbar. If it’s from your Inventory, the perk won’t come out.

Note: It’s possible to place the item on any flat surface. Work Benches, Platforms, and Tables, for example, count. But if you get out of the area of effectiveness (170×125 tiles), the debuff won’t occur.

Unfortunately, putting multiple Water Candles won’t stack effects. Of course, it’d be a disaster if the initial effects get massive multipliers. Although holding the item won’t display the debuff icon, the results are applied.

On the flip side, the item can be turned on and off, especially when Wired. However, attempting to do the same to old-gen consoles won’t work as it’s not a Mechanism.

It’s noteworthy that the Water Candle synergizes well with Battle Potions (same effects). But its counterpart is the Peace Candle, which reduces enemy and critter spawn count. Nonetheless, placing the former in Space effectively ups the percentage by 167%, and the latter won’t stop its effects.

Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse are great events to use the Water Candle. However, it won’t display its debuff during Goblin and Pirate Invasions, Pumpkin, and Frost Moon events.

Combat-aside, placing Water Candles on Towns with a decent amount of water for fishing is viable. You’ll get almost endless supplies of Baits you can use for better catches. However, there’ll be no monsters spawning.

How to Get The Item?

The item is abundant on the Dungeon Shelves. But you must defeat the Skeletron first to guarantee safety upon entering. Alternatively, you could try your luck by traversing a safe space where the Dungeon Guardian won’t spawn.

Crafting is also available with Crystal Ball and Water or Sink using a Candle (1) or Platinum Candle (1).

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