The Arms Dealer: Detailed terrairia Guide


The Arms Dealer sells many different ranger items. Some of them are extremely useful like the Musket Ball and Minishark. He is essential for any Ranger players out there, especially in the Early Game.

“Hey, this ain’t a movie, pal. Ammo is extra.”

– The Arms Dealer.

The Arms Dealer is an NPC that sells useful guns and bullets. Some of these are important for fighting bosses, or crafting other useful weapons. He can be spawned into the World if the player has any gun or bullet in their inventory.

Spawn Requirements

  • The player has at least 1 bullet or gun in their inventory. (Flare Guns do not count)
  • There is a spare house in the World

Living Preferences:



Musket Ball7 CopperAlwaysAmmunition for normal guns that deals 7 damage.
Flintlock Pistol5 GoldAlwaysPistol that deals 10 damage on hit
Minishark35 GoldAlwaysRapid Fire minigun that deals 6 damage per hit. Very useful Pre-Hardmode weapon.
Illegal Gun Parts20 GoldAt NightCrafting Material
Silver/Tungsten Bullet15 CopperDuring Blood Moon or HardmodeAmmunition for normal guns that deals 9 damage.
Nurse Vanity Set3 Gold EachDuring Halloween
Unholy Arrow40 CopperAfter defeating EoW or BoCArrows that deal 12 damage and have a piercing effect
Quad Barrel Shotgun35 GoldIn the Graveyard Biome after defeating SkeletronFires 6 pellets with huge spread. 17 damage per pellet.
Shotgun25 GoldHardmodeShotgun that deals 24 damage per pellet. (5 Pellets)
Empty Bullet5 CopperHarmodeCrafting material
Candy Corn5 CopperWhen the player has a Candy Corn RifleAmmunition
Explosive Jack O’ Lantern15 CopperWhen the player has a Jack O’ Latern LauncherAmmunition
Nail 1 SilverWhen the player has a Nail GunAmmunition
Stake15 CopperWhen the player has a Stake LauncherAmmunition
Stynger Bolt75 CopperWhen the player has a Stynger LauncherAmmunition
Pylon10 GoldWhen Happy enoughAllows the player to teleport from one Pylon to another.

Notes & Lore

  • The Arms Dealer seems to be in a relationship with the Nurse.
  • He sells Musket Balls, which are a useful recipe for many different bullets. Crafting these bullets can help you increase your damage output.
  • The Minishark is one of the strongest Pre-Hardmode weapons in the game, and can even be used in the Wall of Flesh boss fight.
  • Smashing Shadow Orbs or Crimson Hearts is a good way to obtain a gun early on in the game to spawn the Arms Dealer.

Bestiary Entry

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“The Arms Dealer has everything anyone could need to shoot things dead, from little round bullets to guns made from sharks.”


What is the optimal setup for the Arms Dealer?

It is recommended to move him in with the Nurse into a Desert Biome to get the lowest prices, since he loves both the Nurse and the Desert.

Why is the Arms Dealer not spawning?

Make sure you have an eligible gun or ammunition in your inventory. The easiest way to obtain a gun is by smashing Shadow Orbs or Crimson Hearts.

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