Terraria Mechanical Worm: Everything You Should Know| Full Guide 2022


Do you want to defeat The Destroyer in Terraria? Then you’ll need to find a Mechanical Worm! Not sure where? Read this full guide to learn more!

Many bosses in Terraria appears whenever time and condition permits. Although the challenge is present, defeating them would mean a lot to your progress. That’s because there are rewards present, introducing you to better and stronger arsenal of weapons.

Aside from meeting specific requirements, contending another boss fight needs a summoning object. One of them is the Mechanical Worm. In this guide, we’ll introduce the item and what boss you can spawn. More importantly, we’ll help you craft or find one!

Mechanical Worm – Overview

This item is known to spawn the Hardmode version of the Eater of Worlds, The Destroyer. Since it’s another difficulty, expect that battling the enemy will be much more complex and lengthy than pre-Hardmode.

Nighttime is the best moment to use the Mechanical Worm as it spawns The Destroyer. Unlike the Worm Food, you can initiate the action outside of Corruption. However, using it in Daytime won’t summon the entity or consume the item. Moreover, two bosses of this type can’t co-exist, so defeating one first is important.

Note: Obtaining any boss-summoning item in Terraria will unlock the Like a Boss achievement.

How to Get a Mechanical Worm?

There are two ways to get the item:

  • Monster loot
  • Crafting

Suppose The Destroyer isn’t destroyed for the first time, every enemy has a 0.04% chance to drop the Mechanical Worm. However, Meteor Heads and Old One’s Army enemies won’t count as they’re statue-spawned.

Alternatively, crafting the item is plausible. Head near a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil and have the following items in your inventory:

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