The Guide NPC: Detailed Terraria Guide


The Guide is the first NPC the player will ever encounter, spawning upon the creation of a new world. He gives the player special tips, and he can show you crafting recipes using materials in the player’s inventory. He is required to be alive for the Wall of Flesh to spawn.

“They say there is a person who will tell you how to survive in this land… oh wait. That’s me.”

– The Guide

The Guide is one of the most helpful NPCs for new players. Have you ever been stuck with some crafting material you don’t know what to do with? Well, the guide is here to help. When interacting with him, you can click on the “Crafting” tab, and drag any material into the box. There, he shows you every crafting recipe the material is eligible for.

Spawn Requirements:

  • Spawns upon the creation of a new World
  • There is at least one empty house in the World.

Living Preferences:

LikesForestPrincess, Clothier, Zoologist
Dislikes OceanSteampunker

There are not many downsides to having the guide be unhappy. As such, you can house him anywhere in any biome. It is recommended to house the guide near the Truffle in a Mushroom Biome, as he loves the guide, giving him a positive happiness boost.


DropDrop RateOther Info
Green Cap100%Only drops when the guide’s name is Andrew.

Notes & Lore

  • The Guide can be harmed when the player has the Guide Voodoo Doll equipped.
  • According to the game’s lore, there is an organisation called the “Order of the Guide”, created to preserve ancient legends and knowledge. The guide is most likely a part of this organisation.
  • It is speculated that the Guide is actually the Wall of Flesh. In the Voodoo Demon’s Bestiary description, the Guide is referred to as “[The] chosen one whose soul is linked with the world’s guardian himself”. This is likely referring to the Wall of Flesh.
  • According to Redigit, the main developer of Terraria, the Guide is related to the Ninja inside King Slime (Brother), the Nymph (Great Grandson) and the Moon Lord (Son). However, this may have been said as a joke.

Bestiary Entry

20220925183922 1

The Guide always offers useful advice and crafting recipes. His origins and unusual connections to this world remain a mystery.

He has a 1 Star Rarity rating.


Can the Guide die?

  • The guide can be killed if the player has a Guide Voodoo Doll in their inventory. He can also be killed using lava, drowning in water, or by monsters.

Can the Guide respawn after being killed?

  • Yes, as long as there is a spare house available, he will always respawn.

Why isn’t the Guide respawning?

  • Npcs only move in during the day. Make sure there are no other NPCs who are eligible to spawn in, and make sure the spare house is suitable to live in.

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