The Demolistionist: Detailed Terraria Guide


The Demolitionist sells an assortment of different explosives, which can be very effective for combat, mining and even block collection! These fun explosives can help you to spice up your gameplay.

“Check out my goods, they have explosive prices!”

– The Demolitionist.

The Demolitionist is an NPC who sells a plethora of different explosives. He can be spawned if the player has an explosive in their inventory. He takes the form of a dwarf, and is noticeable smaller than other NPCs. His explosives are very useful to clear out Corrupt/Crimson blocks in pre-Hardmode, and can also be used for mining.

Spawn Requirements

  • A player has at least one explosive in their inventory. (Grenades do not count)
  • There is a Merchant in the World.
  • There is an empty house in the World.

Living Preferences

DislikesOceanGoblin Tinkerer, Arms Dealer


Note: Prices may change based on NPC happiness

ItemCostAvailabilityOther Info
Grenade75 CopperAlwaysThrowable that deals 60 ranged damage.
Bomb3 SilverAlwaysExplosive that deals 100 damage and destroys tiles. Mainly used for mining. Has a 3 second fuse.
Dynamite20 SilverAlwaysExplosive that deals 250 damage and destroys a lot of tiles. Mainly used for mining. Has a 5 second fuse.
Hellfire Arrow1 SilverHardmodeArrow that deals 13 damage. Creates a small explosion upon impact.
Explosive Powder12 SilverHardmodeCrafting Material
Land Mine5 GoldAfter defeating Plantera and a Pirate InvasionPowerful placeable items that explode when touched or activated, dealing 250 damage.
Dry Bomb25 SilverWhen the Player has a Dry Bomb in their inventorySoaks up liquid when thrown
Wet Bomb25 Silver
When the Player has a Wet Bomb in their inventory
Spreads Water when thrown
Lava Bomb25 Silver
When the Player has a Lava Bomb in their inventory
Spreads Lava when thrown
Honey Bomb 25 Silver
When the Player has a Honey Bomb in their inventory
Spreads Honey when thrown
Pylon10 GoldWhen Happy enoughAllows the player to teleport from one Pylon to another.

Notes & Lore

  • The Demolitionist replaces the guide in the seed “For the Worthy”
  • Grenades sold by the Demolitionist is a very useful weapon to use against early game bosses.
  • The Demolitionist seems to have a rivalry with the Arms Dealer, as seen from their quotes.
  • Several of the Demolitionist’s names are references to famous dwarves from fiction.

Bestiary Entry

20221004220720 1

Tread carefully around this dwarf. The Demolitionist is an explosive fanatic and sells dangerous things that go ‘Boom!’


Why is the Demolitionist not spawning?

  • Make sure you have a Merchant in your world, as it is one of the main requirements for the Demolitionist to spawn. You also need at least 1 explosive in your inventory! Grenades and “Explosives” (Item) do not count.

How can I make the Demolitionist Happier?

  • It is recommended to put the Demolitionist with the Tavernkeep underground, as they both Love each other.

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