How to beat Red Devil in Terraria?


Beating Red Devil in Terraria is relatively easy with the right weapons. This flying enemy can be quite annoying, especially considering that there's lava beneath your feet. In this short article, we'll talk more about the enemy, its stats and drops, and how to kill it quickly.

After fighting Red Devil in Terraria, you can make Flame Wings from its loot. The enemy might also drop Unholy Trident, a powerful Harmode caster weapon. You’ll encounter these creatures all the time when venturing to the lava level. They can be really powerful, especially on Master difficulty.

Red Devil basics

Red Devil stats and passives:

Type    Flying
Spawns in   The Underworld
DamageDeals 50 damage on contact, 160 ranged damage with Unholy Trident
Total life600
Knockback resistance50%
PassivesImmune to Confused, On Fire!, Hellfire, and Shadowflame

Like most enemies from the Underworld, Red Devil is immune to most flame attacks. If you wish to go with DoT, it’s much better to focus on poison-based debuffs and Frostburn. You also can’t affect it by Confusion. The best way to deal with the enemy is by using fast weapons with high knockback.

Similar to Fire Imps, it’s recommended that you kill Red Devils as soon as possible. Their ranged damage can slowly whittle you down, especially if you have subpar armor. If you’re wielding a melee weapon, make sure to stay close to the structures. Ranged characters have more leeway when fighting the opponent, as they can engage it in the open.

Red Devil drops

As it usually goes, some players purposefully grind the monster to get ahold of its drops:

  • Unholy Trident (3.33%)
  • Hotdog (3.33%)
  • Fire Feather (1.33%)

Hotdog is the least important of the three drops. Aside from this enemy, you can also get it from Bone Serpent. It provides Plenty Satisfied buff, which lasts for 20 minutes.

Unholy Trident is a solid caster item. Its projectiles can hit up to three enemies, deal high damage, and have a high mana cost. In a way, you can consider this item as an upgraded version of a pre-Hardmode gem staff. Unholy Trident is not that innovative but is reliable. The weapon is easier to acquire than similar-level staves.

Fire Feather is a rare drop. On average, you should get it after killing 75 Red Devils. By combining this ingredient with 20 Soul of Flight, you can craft Flame Wings. This accessory has the same stats as Bee Wings, Bat Wings, and Butterfly.

Although you don’t necessarily want to grind Fire Feather, it would make your life easier if it drops.

How to kill Red Devil in Terraria?

Red Devil flies around the Underworld, attacking opponents with its trident. It only spawns after you kill one of the mechanical bosses and is a stronger version of pre-Hardmode Demon. Interestingly enough, unlike Demon, that can apply Darkness debuff, Red Devils don’t cause any negative effects on players.

The creature doesn’t cause a lot of contact damage. However, its trident strikes are enormously powerful. Even if you have fantastic endgame equipment, the enemy can quickly decimate you with its strikes. Red Devil has a similar attack pattern as Demon, launching several whirling scythes at the character.

The enemy is especially troublesome for the melee class. The main issue is that the monster appears in the Underground, where there’s lots of room for flying. On top of that, it also has a ranged attack allowing it to keep its distance.

If you have a short-range weapon, it’s a good idea to retreat to underground buildings so you can jump on top of its head. Taking contact damage is a good way to avoid lethal scythe projectiles. The enemy has relatively low knockback resistance, which allows you to stun-lock it with fast weapons. This doesn’t stop the Devil from firing the trident.

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