The Merchant: Detailed Terraria NPC Guide


One of the first NPCs the player will meet in Terraria, the Merchant sells an assortment of useful items ranging from Torches, to Piggy Banks and Safes!

“You want apples? You want carrots? You want pineapples? We got torches.”

– The Merchant

The Merchant is an NPC that will move in when a player has at least 50 Silver in their inventory. He sells the player tools and ammo, and is very useful in the early game. Some of the most useful items he sells are the Anvil, Torch, Piggy Bank and Safe.

Spawn Requirements

  • The player has at least 50 Silver. In multiplayer worlds, the Merchant will spawn in if the players have a combined wealth of 50 Silver.
  • There is at least one empty house in the World.

Living Preferences

LikesForestPrincess, Golfer, Nurse
DislikesDesertTax Collector


Note, the prices may change based on his happiness.

ItemCostAvailabilityOther Info
Mining Helmet4 GoldAlwaysProvides light when worn.
Piggy Bank1 GoldAlwaysProvides a safe space to store coins and other things. Items placed in the Piggy Bank do not drop on death.
Iron Anvil50 SilverAlwaysLets the player craft with metals.
Bug Net25 SilverAlwaysAllows the player to catch critters.
Copper Pickaxe5 SilverAlways
Copper Axe4 SilverAlways
Torch50 CopperAlwaysProvides light. Considered a light source.
Lesser Healing Potion3 SilverAlwaysRestores 50 Health.
Lesser Mana Potion1 SilverAlwaysRestores 50 Mana
Wooden Arrow5 CopperAlwaysArrow that deals 5 damage.
Shuriken15 CopperAlwaysThrowable that deals 10 damage.
Rope10 CopperAlwaysAllows the player to ascend to higher places.
Marshmallow1 SilverIn Snow BiomeCan be turned into the Marshmallow On Stick at a campfire, which provides the Well Fed buff.
Furnace3 SilverIn Jungle BiomeAllows players to smelt ores, and craft other special blocks like bricks.
Pin Wheel20 SilverOn a Windy Day
Throwing Knife50 CopperDuring Blood MoonThrowable that deals 12 damage.
Glowstick10 CopperAt nightProvides light when thrown. Works underwater. Does not count as a light source.
Sharpening Station10 GoldHardmodeApplies the Sharpened buff which provides players with better armor penetration on melee weapons.
Pylon10 GoldWhen Happy enoughAllows the player to teleport from one Pylon to another.
Safe20 GoldAfter Skeletron has been defeatedProvides a safe space to store coins and other things. Items placed in the Piggy Bank do not drop on death.
Disco Ball1 GoldHardmode
Flare7 CopperWhen the player has a Flare GunAmmo for the Flare Gun.
Blue Flare7 CopperWhen the player has a Flare GunAmmo for the Flare Gun.
Sickle 60 SilverAlwaysProduces Hay blocks when cutting tall grass
Gold Dust17 SilverAfter the WoF has been defeatedCrafting Material.
Drumset 10 GoldWhen either the Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron or WoF has been defeated.
Drumstick50 SilverWhen either the EoW, BoC, Skeletron or WoF has been defeated.

Notes and Lore

  • The Piggy Banks and Safes he sells allow the player to safely store coins and items. They prevent items dropping upon death, which is especially useful on Mediumcore Characters and players in Expert and Master Mode worlds.
  • The Merchant can be seen in the paintings “The Merchant” and “Father of Someone”. He seems to have a Son or Daughter.
  • The Merchant says “I feel like an evil presence is watching me” when the Eye of Cthulhu Spawn requirements are met.

Bestiary Entry

20220925190231 1

The Merchant acts as a simple general store of sorts, providing useful starter tools and supplies needed for exploration.

He has a 1 Star rarity rating.


How do you attract the Merchant in Terraria?

  • To attract the Merchant, you need a total of 50 Silver in your inventory.

How many Merchants are there in Terraria?

  • There are 3 different Merchants in Terraria: The Normal Merchant, Travelling Merchant and Skeleton Merchant.

Why is the Merchant not selling a Pylon?

  • The Merchant only sells a Pylon when he’s happy enough. It is recommended to house him near the Golfer or Nurse, as he likes those NPCs.

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