Specular Fish: A Unique Terraria Crafting Material


Specular Fish is a type of fish which can be used to craft Wormhole Potions, Recall Potions and seafood dinners, making them extremely useful for early game.

How to obtain Specular fish

Specular Fish can be obtained by fishing in the following biomes in the Underground, Caverns and Underworld:

  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Snow

Crafting recipes

NameRecipeCrafting StationOther Info
Seafood DinnerSpecular Fish (2)Cooking Pot or Cauldron Gives the player the “Exquisitely Stuffed” buff which gives Major improvements to all stats.
Recall Potion Specular Fish
Bottled Water
Alchemy Table or Placed BottleTeleports the player back to spawn when used.
Wormhole PotionSpecular Fish
Bottled Water
Alchemy Table or Placed BottleTeleports the player to another player in the same team when used.


  • Seafood Dinners crafted using Specular Fish provide the player with Major buffs to all stats, making them very useful for boss fights.
  • Wormhole Potions can be very useful for traversing the map in multiplayer. For more information, why don’t you check out this guide to Wormhole Potions in Terraria?

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