Terraria: Wooden Arrow | Full Guide 2022


Do you want a successful head start on your first Terraria gameplay? You’ll need Wooden Arrows! Read this item guide to know everything about the ammunition, including its upgrades!

When nighttime falls in Terraria, keeping your weapons near the Hotbar is always voluntary. That’s because it provides an advantage to react faster before getting damaged by an attacking monster. The weapon type doesn’t matter unless you use a Bow and Wooden Arrows. Plus, you have to worry that it’s pre-Hardmode.

A Wooden Arrow is pretty scarce in Terraria, especially if you don’t know how to get or make them. However, we’re revealing a solution to the problem in the following guide. We’ll also include different crafting opportunities to turn your plain Wooden Arrows into something better.

Wooden Arrow – Overview

RarityDamageKnockbackBase VelocitySelling Price

Bows need a Wooden Arrow to operate. The ammunition is the most basic that you can find scattered everywhere. Perhaps spotting them is the real challenge (especially when mining).

Upon usage, there’s a 33.33% chance of a Wooden Arrow being retrievable, even if it lands on enemies or blocks. It’s surprisingly easy to scale with this ammunition, making it both a cheap alternative and dispensable for later purposes. However, several Bows will transform normal Wooden Arrows into special ones (great for saving resources).

Moving onto Hardmode, saving more is vital since everything is slowly becoming scarce. Ideally, using an Endless Quiver would ultimately save you ammunition in the long run. It’s the same concept with Endless Musket Pouch – one of the best bullets in Terraria.

How to Get Wooden Arrows

Getting a Wooden Arrow is considered hard unless you pay attention to your environment. Crafting is easily the most accessible way, where you’ll need a Work Bench to start. For the items, grab Any Wood and Stone Blocks.

Some alternatives involve money and adventure.

The Merchant and Skeleton Merchant sells one piece of ammunition for Copper Coins (5). Note that the item’s availability is exclusive for the latter during moon phases 3, 4, 7, and 8. On the other hand, breaking pots and looting chests may sometimes yield Wooden Arrows (33.33%). It applies to Pincushion Zombies at nighttime too!

Item Upgrades

Different types of arrows upgradeable from a Wooden Arrow.
NameWooden Arrow CountOther IngredientsBy HandCrystal BallIron Anvil / Lead AnvilMythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
Flaming Arrow (10)10Torch (1)   
Frostburn Arrow (10)10Ice Torch (1)   
Jester’s Arrow (20)20Fallen Star (1)   
Endless Quiver3996    
Hellfire Arrow (100)25Hellstone Bar (1)Torch (5)   
Unholy Arrow (5)5Worm Tooth (1)   
Cursed Arrow (150)150Cursed Flame (1)   
Holy Arrow (200)200Pixie Dust (3)Unicorn Horn (1)   
Ichor Arrow (150)150Ichor (1)   
Venom Arrow (35)35Vial of Venom (1)   

Tip: Better upgrade regular arrows into Flaming Arrows and Frostburn Arrows, as the resource for making is relatively cheap.

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