Terraria Frozen Turtle Shell: Everything You Need to Know


Do you want to be harder to kill in Terraria? You might just need the Frozen Turtle Shell! Give it a shot first to discover its promising effects and how you can utilize it to every battle!

When facing hordes of hostiles in Terraria, it’s an understatement to focus solely on weapons. Of course, when you’re speedrunning while farming resources more efficiently, it’s important to defeat them easily. But beware. Some players fell weak and lost because of not having decent accessories. That’s something you can improve.

The Frozen Shell in Terraria is one of many invaluable items you should consider using. It’s good for defense, after all. Read below as we reveal its function and the way to get one.

Frozen Turtle Shell – Overview

This accessory and crafting material is available upon reaching the Hardmode. Frozen Turtle Shell gives the Ice Barrier buff, which has different effects depending on the platform when playing Terraria. For old-gen consoles, you’ll get 30 defense when below 25% health. For the rest, you’ll receive a 25% damage reduction once your health drops to equal or below 50%

Because of the Frozen Turtle Shell’s utility, it synergizes well with the Shrimpy Truffle. The Shrimpy Truffle offers damage and speed boost once your health drops to or below 50%. Equipping the two when going against bosses or huge waves of enemies (events) is advisable for further utilization.

How to Get the Frozen Turtle Shell?

The accessory cannot be crafted, although it’s a crafting ingredient. However, killing Ice Tortoise has a 1% chance of receiving the Frozen Turtle Shell as a loot reward. You can always find them in the Ice biome and do the farming.

Item Upgrade

The Frozen Turtle Shell is a material necessary for making the Frozen Shield. All you need is a Paladin’s Shield (1) and the Tinkerer’s Workshop (Crafting Station) to begin.

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