Terraria Mythril: Everything You Should Know


In Terraria, Mythril is regarded as one of the higher-tier ores. Read this guide to learn more about the resource and how you can extract it. We'll also list all the cool items you can make out of it.

Mythril is a resource that only appears on Hardmode. The ore spawns only after you destroy the second Crimson or Demon Altar. Occasionally, Orichalcum Ore will spawn instead of this mineral. You can find this resource in various Hardmode Crates and Cavern biome.

To research it, you’ll need 100 pieces of the mineral. It is classified as an orange rarity item, and to create all the related equipment in the game, you’ll need a total of 155 bars. Upon extracting your first piece, you get an achievement called “Extra Shiny!”

How to extract Terraria Mythril Ore?

Upon killing the Wall of Flesh, three distinct Demon or Crimson Altars will appear on the map. You need to find the second one and destroy it with a tool that has more than 80% hammer power. When you demolish the Altar, Mythril or Orichalcum Ore will become available in the world.

Once you destroy the first three Altars, you can continue the cycle by destroying the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth Altar. This would create a new set of ores, but at a diminished rate. You can continue the process for as much as you like, but with progressively smaller returns.

When you find Mythril Ore on the map, you’ll need a drill or pickaxe that has 110 power or more. Specifically, you’ll need Palladium Pickaxe, Cobalt Pickaxe, or something better. Aside from extracting the resource, you might also find it in certain crates.

You can sell the mineral and its bars for 11 silver.

How to use terraria Mythril Ore?

Initially, you can use this material only to create bars and bricks. Later on, you can use the bars for advanced recipes. Here’s how you make both of items:

Mythril Brick

The recipe requires:

  • Stone Block
  • Mythril Ore
  • Furnace

You can use one brick to get 4 same-resource walls.

Mythril Bar

The recipe requires:

  • 4 Mythril Ore
  • Furnace

Before you can start crafting equipment with this mineral, you will need an Iron or Lead Anvil and 10 Mythril Bars to create a Mythril Anvil. Alternatively, you can create this equipment with Orichalcum Anvil. Here is a list of all the weapons and armors you can make with it:

  • Chainmail
  • Hood
  • Hat
  • Greaves
  • Helmet
  • Drill
  • Chainsaw
  • Pickaxe
  • Halberd
  • Repeater
  • Sword
  • Waraxe

Mythril Armor

To assemble the Armor, you’ll need Chainmail, Greaves, and one of the Hood, Hat, and Helmet. Hood is ideal for casters, Hat is geared towards ranged characters, and Helmet is optimal for a melee class.

The set properties will vary based on the headgear you have. With the Hood, you get 24 defense, while the Helmet and the Hat provide 37 defense and 27 defense, respectively.

The choice of headgear will also affect passive bonuses. The Hood reduces your mana usage by 17%. The Helmet improves your melee critical hit by 10%, and the Hat gives a player a 20% chance not to use ammo.

Later on, you can upgrade all these armor pieces into Dragon Armor .

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