Guide to Terraria Water Walking Boots


By equipping Water Walking Boots in Terraria, you can walk on liquids such as honey and water. Although not a particularly powerful item, it's a necessary ingredient for some higher-tier accessories. In this article, we'll talk more about its basic features and how to easily get them.

Water Walking Boots in Terarria have a simple and straightforward function. As the name implies, their main purpose is to allow players to move around on liquids without having to worry about drowning.

Basics stats, features, and acquisition

Here are the item’s basic features:

Requires   Drops from Ocean Crate, Seaside Crate, or Water Chest (9% chance)
RarityLight Red
Sells for4 gold
EffectsAllows walking on liquids (except lava)
Prevents damage when falling onto these liquids

Out of the three compartments, the easiest way to get the object is from Water Chests. These items appear within large bodies of water greater than 250 tiles. To acquire one, you should go to the edge of the map (that is, the Ocean biome). You should find one of these chests at the bottom.

Alternatively, you can find the accessory within Ocean Crates and Seaside Crates. You can get either one of them while finishing in the Ocean. Keep in mind that Ocean Crates spawn pre-Hardmode and Seaside Crates appear on Hardmode. 

To make things easier on yourself, we suggest getting a quality Fishing Pole and a high-tier bait. You might also consider using some fishing boosts and potions.

Terraria Water Walking Boots pros and cons

You can easily find this item, and it’s available from the get-go. On rare occasions, these boots can save your life by preventing drowning. They can also be a nice way to prevent fall damage when dropping into the water from a height. The accessory is especially powerful when combined with Obsidian Skin Potion, allowing you to walk on lava.

Unfortunately, this piece of equipment isn’t that great for several reasons. First off, there are much more powerful items in Terraria. Even if you find the artifact straight away, there’s a good chance you’ll give an advantage to some other magical object.

Secondly, being able to walk on liquids is nice and all, but it has limited usefulness. There aren’t that many bodies of water in the game, which makes the feature a bit redundant. Having the ability to walk on honey is even less relevant, especially when we consider that honey is only present in the Jungle biome.

Occasionally, the accessory can even be a hindrance. For example, let’s say you wish to dive into a pond to mine a nearby ore. The item will prevent you from doing so. Alternatively, you might want to dig a hole at the lake’s bottom so that its liquid falls on lava and turn it into obsidian.

As long as this item is equipped, you won’t be able to do either of these things. The truth is, the item has some viability if you’re willing to change it continuously with other accessories. However, this can be a major nuisance, especially during early pre-Hardmode when you’re just looking to progress through content.

Recipes using the accessory

For the most part, this is just a transitional accessory that becomes obsolete rather quickly. You can use it to create Lava Waders and Obsidian Water Walking Boots.

Lava Waders are made by combining previously mentioned boots and Molten Charm. They allow you to walk on just about any liquid in the game. More importantly, you can use them to gain immunity to fire blocks and avoid lava damage for 7 seconds. When the lava eventually starts burning your feet, you’ll receive less damage while wearing them.

Lava Waders are one of the best boots in the game. You can use them to assemble Hellfire Threads and Terraspark Boots, the second which is considered the best item within the category.

Obsidian Water Walking Boots combine the Water Walking Boots and Obsidian Skull. The new item provides the same benefits as the predecessor, adding fire blocks immunity on top of that. These two accessories are somewhat interchangeable, and you can use either one of them to assemble Lava Waders.

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