Terraria: How to Get Demonite | Full Guide 2022


Terraria Demonite is one of the best ores in Pre-Hardmode. In this guide, We'll talk about Demonite Ore extraction and how you can use it for various recipes.

Demonite in Terraria is a tier six ore and one of the best resources in the normal mode. You can smelt it to gain bars, which, in turn, can be used to make speedy Shadow Armor. With the right ingredients, you can also use it for Deer Thing, a powerful summoner item that can call upon Deerclops.

To research the mineral, you’ll need 100 pieces of the resource (25 pieces for bars). We classify it as a blue rarity item. Generally speaking, this material is much easier to obtain than Crimtane Ore, as you can find large deposits within the ground.

How to extract Terraria Demonite Ore?

You can extract the resource from different places, most notably Cavern and Underground. There’s also a 100% chance Eater of Worlds and Eye of Cthulhu (only on corrupt maps) will drop this ore. You might also get some extra ore from different Eater of World parts.

An exciting thing about Terraria Demonite is that you can acquire it relatively early in the game if you have bombs. That way, you’ll gain access to one of the best armor sets in the game with little to no time invested.

You can recognize the resource based on its light blue glow. To mine it, you’ll need a pickaxe that has more than 55 power. You can extract it as soon as you get Platinum or Gold Pickaxe or Reaver Shark. You can sell the mineral for 10 silver and the bars for 30 silver.

How to use Demonite Ore?

Before using the mineral for any recipe (except for Deer Thing), you need to turn it into bars or bricks. Here are the recipes for both:

Demonite Bricks

The recipe requires:

  • Ebonstone Block (5 pieces required)
  • Demonite Ore
  • Furnace

Once you use the ingredients, you’ll get 5 bricks made from the same mineral.

Demonite Bars

The recipe requires:

  • Demonite Ore (3 pieces required)
  • Furnace

Once you get the bars, you can start working towards Shadow Armor and a few powerful weapons. All recipes that use the bars require Iron or Lead Anvil as the main crafting station. You get these early in the game, so there shouldn’t be any problem. Here are the things you can craft with Demonite Bars

  • Shadow Greaves
  • Shadow Scalemail
  • Shadow Helmet
  • The Breaker
  • Nightmare Pickaxe
  • War Axe of the Night
  • Malaise
  • Fisher of Souls
  • Light’s Bane
  • Magiluminescence
  • Demon Bow

The most notable item on the list is Magiluminescence, an accessory that increases your movement speed by 20%. Aside from that, the artifact also creates light around the users, making it invaluable in dark environments.

Deer Thing

The recipe requires:

  • Demonite Ore (5 pieces required)
  • Lens
  • Flinx Fur (3 pieces required)
  • Crimson or Demon Altar

Deer Thing is a fantastic consumable that allows you to summon Deerclops. It’s worth noting that the creature can only be summoned in the Ice or Snow biome.

Shadow Armor

Athough we love Magiluminescence, and always prioritize Nightmare Pickaxe as soon as we get the first bars, this Armor is probably the best thing you can craft with this mineral.

To assemble this set of equipment, you’ll need Shadow Scalemail, Shadow Greaves, and Shadow Helmet. The item is excellent for the melee class, as it provides a 21% melee speed increase. However, as it also provides a 15% movement speed boost, anyone can benefit from it. The effect is especially great if you’re an experienced player and want to save time moving around the map.

The set also gives you a total of 19 defense. To assemble the whole set, you will need 45 Shadow Scales and 60 bars (180 ore from this mineral). You can combine pieces from this set with pieces from Ancient Shadow Armor without losing the movement speed buff.

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