How to make a Chain in Terraria?


If you don't know how to make a Chain in Terraria, make sure to read this article. This item is an uncommon ingredient that you primarily use to make chandeliers. In this short guide, we'll talk more about the Chain, how to assemble it, and use it for other recipes.

People often wonder how to make a Chain in Terraria. Although this material is used for numerous recipes, it’s not that common. We use it to assemble watches, chandeliers, Grappling Hook, and Sawmill. Given that most of these items are cosmetics that you don’t actually need, you won’t have that many opportunities to create this material.

One interesting thing about this item is that you can use it like Rope to climb walls. You can place it just about anywhere and use it to get out of chasms. Like with Rope, you can combine numerous Chain pieces to create a net that you can use for vertical and lateral movement.

How to make a Chain in Terraria?

Here’s the basic recipe that gives you ten pieces of Chain:

  • Steel or Iron Bar
  • Steel or Iron Anvil (crafting station)

The recipe is straightforward, and you can make the first pieces at the start of the game. Steel and Iron Ore are readily available, and you only need one unit to complete the item. You can stack 999 pieces, and each one of them sells for two silver.

Although you can use it for climbing, as previously mentioned, most people only use it as a material for other stuff. So, if this is your first playthrough, there is a good chance you won’t have the need to assemble Chain for a while.

However, the item becomes a bit more common in the late game when you start messing with house designs. Aside from using it for chandeliers, which is a common cosmetic, you can also use it to create timers for various mechanisms.

Using Chain for other items

Truth be told, people rarely use the Chain for climbing. The Rope is much cheaper, and you’ll find a lot of it during your voyages. So, the item is primarily used to assemble other stuff, such as:

  • Various chandeliers
  • Heart Lantern
  • Grappling Hook
  • Various watches
  • Sawmill


Chandeliers are a furniture class that you commonly start making in the late game when you don’t have anything better to do. They serve as a light source but are most popular as decorative pieces. To assemble one, you’ll need four pieces of the base material, four torches, and a chain.

Heart Lantern

Heart Lantern is a cool item that you make by combining four units of Chain and a Life Crystal. In many ways, it works like chandeliers: you hang it from a ceiling, and it provides light.

One thing that makes Heart Lantern unique is the Heart Lamp buff. This effect provides one health-per-second regeneration to nearby characters. Even better, you can combine the Heart Lantern buff with Campfire’s Cozy Fire buff to double regeneration. This is a good way of countering DoT debuffs.

Due to its cool appearance, Heart Lantern can be used as a decorative piece while providing real combat value.

Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook belongs to the category of items that you place in special equipment slots. By aiming at a wall above, you can grab ahold of its surface and pull yourself upward. It’s a budget solution for climbing out of the holes.

To assemble this tool, you’ll need three Chains and a Hook. Unfortunately, as you progress through the game and gain boots and wings, Grappling Hook quickly becomes redundant.


Watches are neat items that you can equip in an accessory slot. Once you do so, a small clock appears in the corner of your screen, showing the in-game time. They are rather expensive, requiring ten pieces of an appropriate bar and a Chain.

Aside from the clock function, you can also use them to create timers. These are advanced mechanisms that allow you to turn objects on and off.

Gold Watch and Platinum Watch are the best items in this category. By combining either one of them with Compass and Depth Meter, you can assemble GPS. Later on, you can use this tool to make PDA, which allows you to create the Cell Phone, the most advanced utility accessory in the game.


Lastly, you can combine a Chain with two Steel or Iron Bars and ten pieces of Wood to create Sawmill. This crafting station allows you to assemble a plethora of furniture items, such as pianos, dressers, and bathtubs.

Sawmill is a necessity if you’re looking to build themed homes. You can also use it to make Loom, which is a crafting station for different vanity sets. Although you can make numerous things with Sawmill, you don’t actually need it to complete the game.

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