7 excellent tips for mining Terraria Palladium Ore


Terraria Palladium Ore is a Hardmode mineral that becomes available after smashing Demon or Crimson altars. Items made from this component are noticeably stronger than anything available during pre-Hardmode. In this guide, we’ll talk about the resource, where to find it, and all the things you can make from it.

Terraria Palladium Ore is, together with Cobalt, the first mineral available on Hardmode. For the resource to appear on the map, you have to destroy a Demon or a Crimson Altar. Additional veins spawn after you smash the 4th, 7th, 10th, etc. altar. With each new cycle, fewer units appear on the map.

For the most part, this resource is just a stepping stone to Mythril or Orichalcum Ores. Unless you have an atrocious armor set and weapon, you shouldn’t waste too much time digging this mineral. Instead, you should just rush the third Hardmode ore, which will either be Titanium or Adamantite.

How to acquire Terraria Palladium Ore?

To extra this material, you need two tools: Pwnhammer and Molten Pickaxe.

You get Pwnhammer after killing Wall of Flesh. When you kill this boss, the world will also convert to Hardmode. Pwnhammer and its successors can be used to destroy Demon and Crimson Altars, which can’t be touched by any low-tier hammers. In other words, you need a tool of 80% or higher hammer power.

When Palladium starts popping on the map, you can mine it with Molten Pickaxe. This is the strongest pre-Hardmode extraction tool with a pickaxe power of 100%. Of course, you can use even better pickaxes later on when they become available.

It’s worth noting that Molten Pickaxe is a really difficult tool to assemble. The recipe requires 20 Hellstone Bars assembled at the Iron or Steel Anvil. However, to create just one bar at a Hellforge, you’ll need three Hellstones and one Obsidian piece. Hellstones are tricky to mine as they’re always surrounded by lava.

Items made from Palladium Ore

When you mine the first few pieces of Palladium Ore, you can use them to smelt columns and bars at the Furnace. Once you get Palladium Bars, a new list of items opens in front of you. You can now make breastplate, chainsaw, helmet, headgear, mask, drill, leggings, pickaxe, pike, repeater, sword, and waraxe.

Most of these items require 12 or 18 bars to assemble. The only exception is the breastplate, which requires 24 units. The most notable items from this collection are the pickaxe and the drill. You can use them to mine Mythril and Orichalcum. As mentioned, if you’re rushing Plantera, you can skip all other pieces.

Palladium Armor

To assemble this set, you’ll need a breastplate, leggings, and either helmet, mask, or headgear. The full armor gives you the Rapid Healing buff that temporarily increases your regeneration each time you hit an opponent.

Using headgear is better for casters as it boosts their mana, magic damage, and magic critical strike. Mask increases melee speed and damage, while helmet improves ranged damage and critical hit.

Tips for mining Palladium Ore

Here are some fantastic tips that will help you during resource extraction:

  • You can find this resource at Cavern or Underground level. It shines bright red, and people often confuse it with orange Copper.
  • Make sure to assemble Molten Pickaxe before killing Wall of Flesh. This tool is necessary for mining the first Hardmode ores. You should try to upgrade all your equipment to Adamantium/Titanium level and kill Mechanical Bosses as soon as possible. After eliminating them, you can go for Plantera, which will slow down the spread of Corruption or Crimson.
  • Although your first instinct is to destroy as many Demon or Crimson Altars as possible, to spawn more minerals, try to avoid this urge. Instead, you should only dig enough Palladium to create a new mining tool, which would allow you to mine the next-tier resources. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with rampant Corruption or Crimson.
  • There’s also a chance to get this resource from various crates. Out of all these compartments, Pearlwood Crate gives you the best odds of obtaining the material. Fishing Palladium Ore and Bars can be a good strategy if you want to postpone the destruction of altars at the start of Hardmode. 
  • Before starting a game, calculate how much ore you’ll need to smelt bars for the pickaxe. This can save you some time.
  • Creating a network of shafts will make the extraction much easier. You can even install Minecarts for some extra mobility.
  • Like with any other mineral, Spelunker Potion will make your life much easier.

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