Terraria Fishing Pole – Ranked (Full Guide 2022)


Ready your baits, find the perfect spot and cast that Fishing Rod in Terraria. Still wondering which is worth picking? Read this complete guide to learn more as we rank all of them!

As trivial as it seems, there are countless benefits to fishing in Terraria. From food items and consumable potions to pets and accessories. Unless you know how to cast the hook to Water, Lava, or Honey, you’ll get what you deserve.

The first step to fishing in Terraria is knowing every Fishing Rod. Those are the tools you need to catch fish for different purposes. But if you still don’t know which to pick, we’re here to help.

This guide will talk about all Fishing Rods with their corresponding ranks. However, because of its early availability, we didn’t include the Wood Fishing Pole. Without further ado, here are ten of them ranked.

10. Reinforced Fishing Pole

The player using the Reinforced Fishing Pole to fish in Terraria.
It takes a lot of courage to fish up here.

Although this one’s a direct upgrade from the Wood Fishing Pole, its Fishing Power is scaled up to 15%. It also has 11 Velocity, which is pretty slow but better than its Wooden counterpart.

To craft this Fishing Pole, stand near an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil and bring either Iron Bars (8) or Lead Bars (8). 

9. Fisher of Souls

The player using the Fisher of Souls to fish in Terraria.
Nope. No fish souls. Sorry.

If one of your worlds has the Corruption as evil biome, you can turn Demonite Bars (8) into the Fisher of Souls. This hideous-looking rod has 20% power and packs +2 Velocity versus its previous counterpart.

To craft the Fisher of Souls, stand near an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil.

8. Fleshcatcher

The player using the Fleshcatcher to fish in Terraria.
Is the fishing pole moving?

From hindsight, both the Corruption and Crimson may have similar enemies, drops, and whatnot. However, the Fleshcatcher is one of several proofs that these two evil biomes have their pros and cons. 

The Fleshcatcher has 22% Fishing Power and 13.5 Velocity. That’s 2% and 0.5 tad more than the Fisher of Souls.

Stand near an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil with Crimtane Bars (8) on your inventory to make this rod.

7. Chum Caster

The player using the Chum Caster to fish in Terraria.
While the Blood Moon denizens are knocking at your door, use the Chum Caster.

Chum Caster is one of three poles in this list that can be obtained via monster loot. It also has a 2x boost to fish up enemies when the Blood Moon event is present! In terms of power and velocity, it has 25% and 15, respectively.

To acquire the Chum Caster, you’ll need to kill many Wandering Eye Fishes or Zombie Merman. Both monsters appear during the Blood Event if you attempt to fish in the waters.

6. Fiberglass Fishing Pole

The player using the Fiberglass Fishing Pole to fish in Terraria.
What a big fish! Wait, it’s not a fish?

There’s little special to the Fiberglass Fishing Pole except for the difficulty in acquiring one. For starters, you must destroy Bramble Crates or Ivy Crates to get the item. Moreover, it may appear on Ivy Chests as well.

The Fiberglass Fishing Pole has 30% Fishing Power and 14 Velocity.

5. Scarab Fishing Rod

The player using the Scarab Fishing Rod to fish in Terraria (best fishing pole).
A better option than the Fiberglass Fishing Pole.

A Scarab Fishing Rod is a better upgrade from the Fiberglass version. It has the same power but has 15 Velocity to offer.

The item’s rare, but you might get it by destroying Mirage Crates and Oasis Crates.

4. Mechanic’s Rod

The player using the Mechanic's Rod to fish in Terraria (best fishing pole).
Weird design but is great utility-wise.

For 20 Gold Coins, you can now own the Mechanic’s Rod. It has the same function as everything else despite how it looks. For its power and velocity, it has 35% and 15, respectively.

When buying the Mechanic’s Rod, make sure to do it in the following moon phases:

  • Waning Gibbous
  • Waning Crescent
  • Waxing Crescent
  • Waxing Gibbous

3. Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole

The player using the Sitting Duck's Pole to fish in Terraria (best fishing pole).
Its expensive price is well-compensated by Fishing Power and Velocity.

Another more expensive item on the line is the Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole. Its price is reasonable because of its 40% FP and 16V. However, you can only buy this upon defeating the Skeletron, which is challenging without the proper preparation. Nonetheless, it costs 35 Gold Coins from the Traveling Merchant.

2. Hotline Fishing Hook

The player using the Hotline Fishing Hook to fish in Terraria (best fishing pole).
Lava fishing, anyone?

Hotline Fishing Hook is officially the second-best Fishing Rod in Terraria. Its 45% FP and 16.5V make the activity much easier.

You’ll need to finish tons of Angler quests to get this item. Specifically, you’ll need 25 of them during Hardmode, where the 1.33% obtaining chance takes place. 

What if you’ve finished the quest in pre-Hardmode? It still counts.

Hotline Fishing Hook is unique as you can cast it into the Lava. When that happens, you can opt to include a Lavaproof Fishing Hook and Lavaproof Tackle Bag for 50% more catch.

1. Golden Fishing Rod

The player using the Golden Fishing Rod to fish in Terraria (best fishing pole).
Perhaps the material it’s made from indicates how powerful this rod is.

The Golden Fishing Rod is perhaps the strongest and best pole in Terraria. It boasts 50% FP and 17V. The only way to get it is by completing 30 quests from the Angler. It’s guaranteed in the 75th quest for a 0.4% chance.

Although it has no unique features, unlike the Hotline Fishing Hook, its Fishing Power and Velocity are definitely game-changers. Lava fishing may sound fun, but it’s risky unless you know what you’re doing.

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