How to Get an Aglet Fast in Terraria (Full Guide 2022)


Do you want an extra boost for your gameplay in Terraria? Are you fond of covering large spaces? We'll help you find an Aglet using this guide!

Traveling is one of the main things you’ll do in Terraria because it’s the most effective way to gather items. Although you’ll encounter bosses that drop awesome spoils of battle, it’s instinctive to roam your world and settle later.

Among things you should consider, your early-game journey must focus on how much area you can cover within a limited time. You’ll need extra speed for your travels, and the Aglet can give you that boost. Although its stats aren’t that much, we’ll teach you how to get it and why you should use it.

Aglet – Overview

Aglet is one of many straightforward accessories in Terraria. It gives you +5% movement speed when worn. Moreover, your base 15 mph is converted to 16mph, which may not be a big deal, but it’s better than nothing.

Combining this accessory with the Anklet of the Wind better optimizes its utility. If you’re running a Marathon or want some exploring, here’s your cue.

How to Get the Aglet?

Since this item is common, you can find it everywhere in Terraria. The highest chance you can find an Aglet is through Chests (8.33%), followed by Pearlwood Crate and Wooden Crate (0.44%).

Note that a more serious difficulty increases its spawn rate, specifically up to 12.5% with Master Mode.

Item Upgrade

You’ll make Lightning Boots with an Aglet alongside Anklet of the Wind and Spectre Boots at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. It offers an 8% movement speed bonus (from 15mph to 34mph) and has similar utility to the used crafting materials.

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