Terraria Tally Counter: Everything You Should Know (Full Guide 2022)


How many monsters can you defeat in Terraria? Get ready to flex all those stats as you track them with the Tally Counter. In this guide, you'll learn everything about the item and how you can get one.

For many bloodthirsty players, it’s always a good show to display how many enemies they’ve bested. Of course, there’s no real benefit aside from bragging rights. Although, it’s also possible that some may like tracking their homework of slaying 10,000 monsters in a row. Who knows, Terraria players have always been creative.

As an answer to track kill counts, the Tally Counter exists. We’ll show you how exactly it works and how to get it in the first place.

Tally Counter – Overview

The Tally Counter is considered an Informational Accessory in Terraria. It generally displays your number of kills, which you can find under the map/health interface. Contrary to misconceptions, the kill count is considered during the world creation phase rather than when it was equipped.

The initial “Kill Count Unavailable” may be the first display, but engaging in combat will activate the Tally Counter. Note: The Informational Accessory combines all players’ kills per creature. It’s also noteworthy that the most recent monster struck by a player or Minions will appear in the same interface.

The accessory’s functionality won’t lose even when unequipped (unless put in the social slot). However, modifiers won’t take effect if not on the arsenal, so make sure to pick the best items to equip. There are exceptions when displaying kill counts, such as bosses and minor enemies.

Lastly, some Hardmode counterparts of pre-Hardmode enemies have shared tallies.

How to Get the Tally Counter?

There’s a 1% chance to get the item from Angry Bones, Dark Casters, and Cursed Skulls. These monsters are available at the Dungeon. You’ll need upfront effort for preparation since the Dungeon Guardian can one-hit you if you’re not careful. Best to defeat Skeletron first.

Item Upgrade

Upgrading the Tally Counter is possible and will turn into R.E.K. 3000. The new item gives exact and more in-depth details of nearby enemies, personal kill count, and rare creatures.

To make one R.E.K. 3000, stand near the Tinkerer’s Workshop and combine the following:

  • Lifeform Analyzer (1)
  • Radar (1)
  • Tally Counter (1)

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