Terraria Exploding Bullet: Everything You Should Know


Do you want to win over enemies in massive numbers? Need to keep a safe distance between you and dangerous mobs in Terraria? The Exploding Bullet will help you, and we’ll discuss everything in this item guide.

Terraria loves giving grouped surprises to different players on their overworld. From the best ones such as equipment, weapon, and resources to the most unfavored mobs. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with the latter – it’s the cutthroat Master mode, after all.

Thankfully, your arsenal gets progressively better if you’re on the game’s more unforgiving stage. The perfect solution for Goblin Invasion or Blood Moon invaders is the Exploding Bullet. We’ll discuss everything about the ammunition, how to craft it, and ways to optimize its use.

Exploding Bullet – Overview

RarityDamageKnockbackBase VelocityVelocity MultiplierSelling Price
Orange106.64.73xCopper Coin (8)

This ammunition type does what its name says: it explodes upon contacting an enemy or block. It adds a small splash (AOE) and knockback to different enemies if they’re in the blasting vicinity. If an enemy is on the other side of the wall, they’ll still be hit once too close.

Exploding Bullets are one of the easiest ammunition to get in the early Hardmode. However, it’s best to replace them with higher-tier types if possible.

Using a Tactical Shotgun is a decent pick in dealing with large crowds as bullets spread. But take care when using them near the ground as it can damage you. The same concept goes for the Sniper Rifle, as they’re powerful.

How to Get an Exploding Bullet?

The Arms Dealer offers the ammunition for Copper Coin (29) each. However, it’s easy to make 50 from the Work Bench using Empty Bullet (50) and Explosive Powder (1).

Getting the Explosive Powder is commonly done by buying from the Demolitionist for Silver Coins (12) each. But you must defeat the Wall of Flesh first since the item won’t be available in pre-Hardmode. 

Other Uses

Since the ammunition type is explosive, it’ll light up the ground below as particles fall. We don’t recommend doing this on purpose unless there are nearby enemies. It’s still best to stick with regular bombs if you’re looking for caves or ores.

In PVP mode, saving coins is possible by committing suicide using Explosive Bullets. It’s a great trick you can do to force spawn at full HP.

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