How does Green Solution in Terraria work?


Using Green Solution in Terraria allows you to remove the infection from blocks. It's an excellent method for stopping the spread of Crimson, Corrupt, and Hallow biomes. In this article, we'll talk more about the item, how to use it, and why it's so important.

Using Green Solution in Terraria is necessary to stop the spread of evil biomes and Hallow. It’s especially important in smaller worlds that are more likely to get infected. In some cases, these “bad” tiles can completely take over your base, stopping NPCs from inhabiting the buildings. Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow might also prevent you from finishing the game.

Terraria Green Solution basics

Green Solution stats:

Sub-TypeConsumable for Clentaminator
Buy Price25 silver
Sell price5 silver

Terraria’s developers classified Green Solution as ammunition. In other words, it follows the same rules as other similar items. Once you put it in ammunition slots, Clentaminator will automatically use it whenever you press left-click. You can stack up to 999 units of the solution.

The biggest issue with this item is that it’s rather expensive. Each unit (a piece of ammo) costs 25 silver, the cost that quickly increases as you move around the map, spraying the large biomes. The problem is amplified when you consider that disinfection needs to be done quickly. So, you’ll try to balance saving money and properly removing the infection.

Unlike some other items from this category (Blue, Purple, and Red Solution), Green Solution is available at all times. You can get it from Steampunker at any time, except when he’s located in Hallow.

World infection

World infection is a major problem in the game. It might not be noticeable at first, as it doesn’t spread that quickly during pre-Hardmode. However, as you defeat Wall of Flesh, the speed of spread increases, and the evil biomes slowly start taking over. The spread once again slows down when you defeat Plantera.

Inexperienced players often make the mistake of destroying numerous Crimson and Corrupt Altars. This spawns high-tier ores on the map but also leads to the appearance of new, random crimson and corrupt tiles. Even if you previously removed the entire evil biome, this will cause it to respreads.

The biggest issue with world infection is that it can destroy the Jungle biome preventing you from finishing the game. It can also stop NPCs from spawning, so you won’t have access to certain shops and their items. For example, if the corruption spreads too quickly, you might not be able to unlock Steampunker and Clentaminator.

Using Clentaminator and Green Solution in Terraria

In our opinion, Green Solution is the most important of all solution ammo types. It allows you to convert Hallow, Crimson, and Corrupt tiles, turning them into original or forest biome. You can also use it to turn Glowing Mushroom areas into Jungle, which is the less popular function.

The only way to use the solution is with Clentaminator. The tool remains relevant throughout the game, and different playthroughs, as you constantly have to battle evil biomes. Like Green Solution, you can buy it from Steampunker as soon as he appears on the map.

Clentaminator follows the same principle as other ranged weapons. You need ammunition to fire its rounds, and it can only use five solutions, also purchasable from Steampunker. Each left-click consumes one unit of a solution while holding the button will quickly deplete the stocks.

If you want to commit to the removal of infection, start by converting surface blocks because the infection spreads six times faster on the surface. It also helps that the tool works much better in the open than in the underground. When using the Clentaminator below the ground, having a Hellevator can significantly hasten decontamination.

Reducing ammo consumption

Due to the high cost of ammunition, you need to find a gear that reduces its consumption. Items such as Ammo Box, Vortex Breastplate, Chlorophyte Helmet, and Ammo Reservation Potion can help a lot. Make sure to equip items that reduce “ammo consumption” as “arrow consumption reduction” won’t work on solutions.

Ideally, you should transfer this gear and Clentaminator from playthrough to playthrough, as you want to tackle infection as soon as possible. In theory, you can remove the whole evil biome or Hallow during pre-Hardmode, although it will take a lot of ammunition to do so.

Of course, this is if we presume that you won’t destroy too many Crimson and Corrupt Altars that would cause respreads.

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