How to use Terraria Purple Solution


Terraria Purple Solution is ammo for Clentaminator that allows you to convert any block into a Corrupt block. The item is only available on Hardmode, and you can purchase it from Steampunker. In this guide, we’ll talk more about Purple Solution and how to use it with Clentaminator.

Terraria Purple Solution is an interesting item that only works in conjunction with Clentaminator. The substance is classified as ammo and can be quite expensive.

For many players, Purple Solution is a contradictory item. It allows you to turn any kind of block (including Crimson and Hallow) into its Corrupt counterpart. Unfortunately, these tiles help propagate the spread of the evil biome, which can cause several issues down the line.

Terraria Purple Solution basics

Purple Solution stats:

Sub-TypeConsumable for Clentaminator
Buy Price25 silver
Sell price5 silver

You can get the substance via vendor purchase. Purple Solution is sold by Steampunker during the Solar Eclipse or Blood Moon events. It has the same traits as the other ammunition. In other words, each unit is sold separately, costing 25 silver, and you can stack a total of 999 units within an inventory slot.

It’s worth mentioning that Purple Solution is sold in Corrupt worlds. On the other hand, you can obtain its counterpart Red Solution only when playing on a Crimson map. Drunk world seed is the exception to this rule, where both materials are available simultaneously. Alternatively, you can transfer the ammo from other playthroughs. 

Purple Solution, like other items from this category, is extremely expensive. A batch of 999 units will cost you a total of 24,975 silver or 2 platinum and 49 gold.

How to use Clentaminator?

Unlike the solutions, where you need to fulfill certain prerequisites to buy them, Clentaminator is available at all times. That is, as soon as Steampunker is available.

This tool works in the same manner as any other ranged weapon. Briefly clicking a button will use one unit of ammo. Holding the button frantically will quickly deplete your ammunition stocks, so be extra careful when using it.

Our suggestion is to get some ranged gear before using the tool. In other words, you should get equipment and effects that reduce ammo consumption. In the best-case scenario, you can combine Chlorophyte Helmet, Vortex Breastplate, Ammo Box buff, and Ammo Reservation Potion to reach a whopping 61.6% reduction.

It is worth noting that Clentaminator only benefits from “ammo reduction.” So, it won’t benefit from items, buffs, and accessories such as Magic Quiver that reduce “arrow consumption” The tool hits blocks up to 60 units ahead and two blocks behind. Clentaminator works much better on the surface level.

How do you use Purple Solution?

This material works like all other solutions for Cleminator. You just place it in ammo slots, and the tool will automatically use it when covering blocks. It follows the same rules as other ammunition types, first using the items in the top left slots and going to the bottom right slot.

Newbie players are unsure why you would even consider using this substance. In the end, you don’t want to spread the Corrupt biome around. Truth be told, it is mostly used for situations when a player makes a mistake.

For example, you might’ve removed too much of the Corrupt biome. Now, you’re facing an issue where the surface area is significantly reduced, and you can’t access certain materials. For example, there aren’t enough monsters to give you Rotten Chunks to summon Eater of Worlds or The Destroyer.

Sometimes, this issue happens to old characters that start a new playthrough. Equipped with powerful drills and pickaxes, they might start destroying the Corrupt biome, not thinking about the consequences. The truth is, you still need this area to finish the game despite the fact it has an adverse effect.

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