How to use Terraria Red Solution?


Terraria Red Solution is an item that turns blocks into their Crimson counterpart. Most players are confused with this item because you don't want to convert normal tiles into evil ones. In this article, we’ll talk about this consumable and how you can benefit from it.

In Terraria, Red Solution is categorized as ammo for Clentaminator, a tool that allows you to convert blocks. It’s one of the 5 Clentaminator ammunition items, and we use it to create new Crimson Blocks.

Although Crimson Biome is considered an evil biome that destroys other areas of the map, it’s also important for the player’s progress. If you meet the specific prerequisite, the destruction of this biome can prevent summoning the Brain of Cthulhu and would prevent you from getting certain items.

Terraria Red Solution basics

Red Solution stats:

Sub-TypeConsumable for Clentaminator
Buy Price25 silver
Sell price5 silver

Terraria Red solution is a consumable that you can only acquire through purchase. Like its Corrupt counterpart, Purple Solution, Red Solution is only available in Crimson worlds.

The only way to circumvent this rule is by playing Drunk World seed, where both solutions are available. However, once you purchase a single piece of either Red Solution or Purple Solution, the other one is no longer available.

You can buy it from Steampunker during Solar Eclipse or Blood Moon. The item is sold in individual pieces, like arrows and bullets. If you consider that 4 pieces of Red Solution are worth one gold, you quickly realize how expensive the use of Clentaminator is.

Using Clentaminator and solutions

The important thing to note is that Clentaminator is a tool available as soon as Steampunker appears. To unlock the vendor, you need to kill one of the three Hardmode mechanical bosses, Skeletron Prime, The Twins, or The Destroyer.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get it at the start of the Hardmode. These bosses are strong, and you’ll likely need high-tier gear to tackle them.

The tool works like any other weapon that uses ammo. Ideally, you should find the gear that reduces ammunition use to make it more efficient. Good examples of that are Chlorophyte Helmet, Shroomite Breastplate, Vortex Breastplate, and certain ranged sets.

Clentaminator has a range of 60 units and can also affect two blocks behind a character. Unfortunately, it is much more effective for the surface than it is for the underground. You can recognize Red Solution from other solutions by the red effect that spills when you use Clentaminator.

Why would you use Red Solution?

Clentamintor is great for tackling infections. Green Solution allows you to remove Crimson, Hallow, and Corruption and is the most popular consumable from this group. So, the question is, why would you ever consider using Red Solution?

In some cases, players are so adamant about destroying the Crimson biome during pre-Hardmode. Even if they don’t completely eliminate the biome, they might significantly reduce its area. Keep in mind that this is the only place where you can find Vertebra, which is the main ingredient for Mechanical Worm.

It is worth noting that Mechanical Worm is the item that allows the summoning of The Destroyer. It is one of the three mechanical bosses you need to beat to unlock Plantera. Even if you can no longer assemble Mechanical Worm, this item can drop from random enemies. That is, if you previously haven’t killed the Destroyer.

Besides The Destroyer, the removal of Crimson biome can affect your ability to summon the Brain of Cthulhu in pre-hardmode. So, although you can still progress through the game without this biome, things will get much slower.

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